Day: July 24, 2009

Montreal 2009: Andy Kindler’s State of the Industry

Show business loves patting itself on the back all of the time, and not just during awards season, but for the comedy industry, the past 14 or so years have included one day in which they all sit down in a room and agree to be roasted by one comedian: Andy Kindler. So it was again this afternoon in a conference room at the Hyatt Regency in Montreal. Today's "State of the Industry" address felt a little tamer, more subdued than the past couple of years. Was it the audience? Was it Andy? Was it the recession? Was it the microphone issues, blocking his face and getting great sound out of his shoulders? Probably the latter. Let's not launch an investigation into the matter. But if you want to relive my interview with Andy Kindler immediately after 2008's State of the Industry, you can watch that here. Marc Maron introduced Kindler. "I, like Andy, have absolutely nothing left to lose," Maron said. He reminded the comedians, agents, managers and executives in the room that they ask for this year after year, "and minutes after leaving this room, convince yourself that this has nothing to do with you." He noted how being on the road with Kindler "is like traveling with the history of the Jewish people," and gave us all his "popcorn analogy for the comedy industry." In short,...

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Jim Breuer gets caught in online promotional trap

Do you remember way back when — it feels like it was just yesterday, because it was just yesterday — when I was telling you how the guy from e-Comic Branding was telling his industry peers and comedians alike how they reach out to "superfans" to do the heavy marketing lifting for them. Well. Ahem. This appeared in my inbox overnight. I was told that comedian Jim Breuer had filmed a special, unique, customized, one-of-a-kind greeting just for me to let me and my readers know how much he loved us and wanted us to watch his Comedy Central special "Let's Clear the Air" when it debuts on Saturday night (it comes out as a DVD with bonus material on July 28). See? Oh, by the way, before I forget, Breuer's YouTube channel also includes similar greetings for Funny or Die, Effin Funny, Comedy Juice, General Parent, DIY Father, Ace Magazine, From the Back of the Room, AntiQuiet, Broken Headphones, Punchline Magazine, and even e-Comic Branding itself. Sausage got made! Do you like sausage? So I guess it's official. I must be a "superfan," a heavy lifter and a free marketer. But can I tell how you much it still made me smile to see Breuer look down at the piece of paper with the list of websites to hype to remember me, and then still find time in...

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