Day: June 26, 2009

Review: “Let Freedom Hum” with Martin Short (TBS)

The TBS broadcasts from the inaugural Just For Laughs Chicago festival kick off tonight with Let Freedom Hum, a stand-up showcase hosted by a Canadian sketch actor, Martin Short, and featuring very little in the way of humming and nothing that we heard about the joys of freedom. But they put the title on the Internet and your TV listings, so let's just get to it. As I mentioned last week, Martin Short certainly did his part to enliven the proceedings — in addition to taped bits that brought back Ed Grimley (without pants!), Jiminy Glick and Lawrence Orbach, Short's opening monologue was both topical and edgy. The audience gasped at a number of his zingers, including one joke in which he called Adam Lambert a fruit, and another in which, in front of several TBS executives, he zinged the network by saying: "Meanwhile, TBS viewers are saying, who knew Tyler Perry was so light-skinned!" But what about the stand-ups? Chicago native John Roy warmed up the crowd beforehand and delivered one of the better sets of the night, joking about how the locals are tougher because of the city's frigid winters and are fatter because of what they eat (though you'll see none of this on TV tonight, Roy did tape a performance at Zanies last weekend for a new stand-up series TBS will debut later this year). Earlier...

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Louis CK films a standup comedy pilot for FX

We have a lot of catching up to do. First, let's share this news with you about Louis CK, who in addition to recording plenty of "Hilarious" stand-up for a new CD in March and following that up by filming his set for a new DVD, has a potential stand-up comedy/sitcom hybrid that he's working on for cable network FX. Here's what Louis CK had to say about it to the AST message board: "I'm doing a pilot for FX. It's autobiographical. I do some standup on the show and some of it is in narrative film form and some of it gets weird. It's kind of hard to describe. It doesn't follow the pattern of any show I've seen. It's not like Seinfeld or Pulp Comics. I really hope it gets picked up because I'm getting to direct in New York again with my little independent film crew that I started with and if I could just keep doing that, and using my standup in this way, I'd be a very happy idiot." The pilot shooting also has included roles for Todd Barry, Nick DiPaolo and Rick Shapiro, and he should know more about whether FX will pick it up in a matter of weeks. Matt Ruby over at Sandpaper Suit (who took the pic here) was at the taping Wednesday at the Comedy Cellar and filed a report,...

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