Day: June 15, 2009

Highlights from Sketchfest NYC 2009

Everyone is hungry for laughs this year, and cue the rest of this metaphor, because the fifth annual edition of Sketchfest NYC certainly delivered with a healthy appetite (Zoinks!) of fun times, served up with a side of…you know what I'm trying to say, right? Food was on the brain and onstage in many of the highlights from this past weekend's celebration of sketch comedy in the Big Apple. Harvard Sailing Team reimagined the callback auditions for a Pizza Hut ad. Elephant Larry screened a "viral video" for Subway that never went viral, in a special edition of The Rejection Show. Kristen Schaal claimed that her comedy partner had gotten turned into a stuffed bird. Rue Brutalia handed out rolls of Rolos and compared fast-food sandwiches in a job interview. Pangea 3000 interrupted a sketch to eat ribs. The Apple Sisters modeled "ration fashion" featuring watermelon muffs, hats and shoes. The 3rd Floor served up pancakes to one lucky audience member. Kevin McDonald put on his one-man and one-guitarist show, "Hammy and the Kids" (ham not included). Let's review some of these things in further detail, shall we? The Apple Sisters made a triumphant return to NYC, having all moved out within the past year to Los Angeles and showcasing a new 1943-era radio programme set aboard the USS Sketchfest Intrepid en route to Hawaii. Cora, Candy and Seedy...

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Melanie Hutsell does Paula Deen, to Paula Deen

Melanie Hutsell performed on Saturday Night Live for three seasons in the early 1990s, and by far her most recognizable character was her portrayal of Jan Brady (you may also get partial credit for thinking it was her sorority sister, Di). But what's Hutsell doing now? Raising children. Also, mastering her impersonation of TV chef Paula Deen. In September, she got to surprise Deen on one of her Food Network tapings, and that recently aired in May. Here that is (Hutsell also talked to her hometown newspaper about being Paula Deen). Cackles all around! (thx,...

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Mike Huckabee cracks jokes, live from Ochi’s Lounge

Here is some footage of Mike Huckabee, telling jokes and answering questions at the live comedy show put on by The Full Ginsburg on Saturday, June 13, 2009, at Ochi's Lounge, the basement space of Comix in New York City. You'll learn: When people speculated that Huckabee might be the GOP's Vice Presidential pick last summer, he was still taking out his own garbage; that Huckabee had one of The Full Ginsburg's cast members on his FOX News program; that he really admires and wants to see Tina Turner live in concert; and that he can crack a joke about Michael Phelps. "It's a comedy club,...

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