Day: June 8, 2009

VH1 cancels Best Week Ever with Paul F. Tompkins

Apparently, when Best Week Ever with Paul F. Tompkins goes off the air this week (Friday, June 12), it'll do so for the rest of 2009…and beyond. Mark Graham over at NYMag's Vulture blog claims an exclusive on this tonight, but PFT's own fiancee broke the news via her vlog on Friday (skip ahead to minute seven for the relevant BWE news). For his part, Paul F. Tompkins wrote Friday on Twitter that he didn't know what VH1 was thinking, exactly. I wish I had asked PFT about this when we crossed paths Sunday afternoon at the cinemas. Argh. Wondering what this means for the Best Week Ever blog, and also thinking that they're probably taking extra advantage of their open bar party tonight with...

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Eugene Mirman delivers graduation speech to his high-school alma mater

Eugene Mirman, Lexington High School class of 1992 graduate, returned over the weekend to deliver the commencement speech to Lexington's class of 2009. I heard him rehearse the speech at a comedy show in Brooklyn last week, which was funny since we were in a dark club, and funnier to see how it plays under the bright lights of a gym. With parents. The laughs come in different, awkward places. Mirman also put the transcript up on his...

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The world discovers Jeff Dunham, Dane Cook

Seeing Chris Rock's most recent HBO special — filmed in England and South Africa in addition to here at home in New York City — gave us a sense of how American stand-up comedians are going global. Is it the Internet? It's the Internet, right? Fans cited YouTube and Facebook in how they got to know and love ventriloquist Jeff Dunham, in this new video documenting Dunham's weeklong tour across Europe: Dunham next tours through Canada, where Dane Cook also has been playing to arena-sized audiences. Here's a Bubble Tweet he sent out before performing last night for 18,000 fans in...

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