Day: June 1, 2009

The summer of Zach Galifianakis

It has become increasingly clear that the summer of 2009 will be the moment in which everyone else learns what everyone who reads this site already knows: Zach Galifianakis will bemuse and bedazzle you with his wondrous sense of humor and comic timing. The New York Times magazine did a big spread on him yesterday; The Wall Street Journal profiled him last week, too. All because of his scene-stealing performance in The Hangover, which opens this Friday (June 5). It's certain to get a lot of new people looking up his stand-up clips. But that's not all. His more arty film, Visioneers, gets screened June 3 at the 92YTribeca. Galifianakis also will star this summer in a big 3-D Disney live-action/animated comedy with secret agent guinea pigs, G-Force. Hopefully this will give Galifianakis the opportunities to do what he wants, and bring more of his projects to a wider audience. If they can handle laughing that much, that is. Conversations on the Craft – Zach Galifianakis from Zach...

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Jeff Dunham made millions before the media cared about him

You can quibble all you want about Jeff Dunham and the relative credibility as ventriloquists within the comedy community. But when I read the latest issue of Time magazine, which devotes a one-page profile to Dunham, I couldn't help but notice when he said that as a club comic, working four nights a week, 40 weeks a year: "I was making between $600,000 and a million a year. I knew if we could let the masses see it and not just the comedy-club fans, then it would explode." That's right. Jeff Dunham was making millions before "the masses" (read: the mainstream media) cared about him. How many other professions in the performing arts get such short shrift? Oh, also, file this throwaway comment under things Shecky Magazine might say for $100: Why did the reporter tell us that at 200 million views, Dunham's bit with "Achmed the terrorist" has been viewed "more even than footage of style-deprived singer Susan Boyle"??? Considering Dunham's video has been online for more than a year, and Boyle's barely a month, we should certainly hope the former has more views than the latter, or else why are you profiling him in your newsweekly...

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Jon Lovitz Comedy Club opens at Universal Studios Hollywood

Jon Lovitz opened the doors last weekend on the Los Angeles comedy club that bears his name and carries a theme of a tropical beach, complete with leis for the audience members. The Jon Lovitz Comedy Club operates out of the Universal CityWalk complex at Universal Studios Hollywood, with shows booked only for weekends for now. This month's headliners: John Caparulo, Kyle Cease and Brad Williams. Guess he got out of his "lifetime contract" with Jamie Masada at the Laugh Factory? While we figure that one out, let's see how the local TV news covered the opening, with appearances by Dana Carvey and Judy...

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