Day: May 27, 2009

Philadelphia comedians “invade” NYC

If you notice a little more brotherly love, or aggressive audience behavior, this weekend, then perhaps you have stumbled upon this weekend's Philly invasion of NYC! J/K. Sort of. What do I know? This: Over the next four nights (May 28-31), Philadelphia stand-up comedians, sketch and improv groups will take over the Under St. Mark's Theater in the East Village for eight shows. Get your ticket and lineup information for the PHIT in NYC shows here! (Thanks to Comic vs. Audience for hollering my...

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Following comedians on Twitter

Listing the best comedians on Twitter seems about as fruitless an enterprise as listing the best comedians onstage, or in a kitchen — no, wait, I suppose if we're talking about comedians cooking, that might be easier to judge — because there's no accounting for any individual's particular taste. Unless, again, we're talking about cooking. But we're not. We're talking about comedy. And yet, organizations are trying to quantify funny Tweets and Tweeters. Trying? Well, they're doing is what they're doing. Rooftop Comedy is accepting votes right now, should you wish to weigh in on whom you think is the funniest Twitter Tweeter of them all. The folks over at Mashable have provided us with a list of 85 comedians on Twitter, though reading the list, it appears as though their particular interests are literally all over the map. And then there's Comedy Tweet, which appears to be a site that aggregates the Twitter comedians for you in one stalkerish location online. Looks like they've been adding comedians left and right today. Perhaps that's because they launched today. Newbies! If you have not yet already noticed (look at the box in the upper left corner of this here home page), I'm on Twitter, too. Follow me @thecomicscomic....

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More reasons why Todd Glass is funnier without limits

Todd Glass is a very funny man who is funniest when he speaks his mind and reacts to the situation in front of him. Here is an example this week of just that, with Glass riffing and ranting directly at Daniel Tosh about Tosh's upcoming Comedy Central show. Infectious laughter, right? Right. Now, here was Todd Glass earlier this month on Jimmy Kimmel Live: Something about having Glass be calm and restrained for the camera (or is it for the network execs?) is just not quite as special as seeing the Todd Glass we all know and love. Stop putting a leash on our funnyman, TV people! Let Todd Glass roam wild and free, where he can entertain us, and the rest of us, as...

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“The Awkward Kings of Comedy” on film

Some stand-up comedy specials try to overwhelm you with flashing spotlights, raucous applause and laughter in cutaway crowd shots, and rapid-fire editing. OR, you could go ahead and showcase some unique comedians and let the material and stage presence speak for itself. In The Awkward Kings of Comedy, director/executive producer Victor Varnado puts the camera directly on his performers — Baron Vaughn, Eric Andre, Hannibal Buress, host Marina Franklin, and himself — and gives them the 15-minute showcase sets they deserve to share with the world. Certainly, there are hip-hop beats (provided by King Supernuts the Second), animated sequences for each performer, as well as an opening animation with voiceover narration that suggests two warring African tribes stumbled upon the first "Yo Momma" jokes. This film isn't about the leaders of the pack, as this intro itself reveals, but rather, about the awkward kid in the glasses standing near the leader, who someday would become "funny…and a little bit weird." The title also, of course, references back to Spike Lee's 2000 stand-up concert documentary, The Original Kings of Comedy. Varnado's film is an "alternative" nerd response to this, demonstrating that black comedians do not have to do stereotypical black comedy. Whatever that means. During one conversational interlude in the documentary, the comedians discuss the differences between a "predominantly black" crowd and a "predominantly urban" one, and you'll see by...

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A.D. Miles presents “Hot Sluts”

Before A.D. Miles headed up the writing staff for NBC's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, but after he had completed his true-to-its-word online mockery of soap operas, Horrible People, he wrote and produced a second Internet series for you to enjoy. Showing his true understanding of how the Internet works, Miles presents for your pleasure…Hot Sluts. The series, co-written with Joe Lo Truglio and starring Alison Brie (stuck in a terrible TV marriage as Trudy Campbell in Mad Men), is set in a seedy nightclub called Scenario's (where anything can happen!), and "sort of borrows from the sexploitation women-in-prison films of the 70s and 80s, but I don't think anyone under 35 will ever get that," Miles told C.J. Arabia earlier this year. "So hopefully super hot girls in skimpy outfits who stab each other for no reason will be enough to get people to tune in." Done, and done. All five episodes went online yesterday, and you can enjoy them all…after the jump. Did we mention mature content? Alrighty then. You asked for this, Internet, and now you have it: "Hot Sluts." Hot Sluts, Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode...

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