Day: May 8, 2009

Norm MacDonald’s F-bomb tribute to Bob Uecker on David Letterman

In case you missed it last night, Norm MacDonald had quite the rambling chat session with David Letterman. Really. It was all over the map. But Letterman finally got what he wanted in the end, giggling throughout MacDonald's story about Bob Uecker seeing John Fogarty. Apparently, Uecker must not be that much of a f—ing fan of "Centerfield" after all. In small storytelling doses such as this edited clip, MacDonald shines. But I wonder what a full stand-up set from him would be like these days. Maybe I'll have to drop in at Carolines this weekend and find out. After the jump: Clips from Norm MacDonald's brilliant anti-roast roast of Bob Saget last year… Roast of Bob Saget Norm Macdonald Joke of the Day Stand-Up Comedy Free Online Games Roast of Bob Saget Outtakes – Norm MacDonald Pt. 1 Joke of the Day Stand-Up Comedy Free Online Games Roast of Bob Saget Outtakes – Norm MacDonald Pt. 2 Joke of the Day Stand-Up Comedy Free Online...

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Comedy writers speak, perform in D.C.

In advance of this weekend's White House Correspondents Dinner, the WGA East has put together a performance/panel session tonight at the Newseum, called "Writers Speak! A Potentially Regrettable Evening with Comedy Writers." The lineup includes J.R Havlan (The Daily Show), Bill Scheft (Late Show with David Letterman), Anthony Jeselnik (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon), Matt Goldich (Best Week Ever), Tim Carvell (The Daily Show), Opus Moreschi (The Colbert Report), Tom Ruprecht (Late Show with David Letterman) and Allison Abner (The West Wing). WGAE President Michael Winship will moderate the panel discussion about how comedy writers and late-night shows help fuel the national conversation about politics (and everything else). The WGAE site claims that the sold-out show at 7:30 p.m. tonight will be streaming live online. Related: The Full Ginsburg recently recorded a podcast talking about comedy writing with Matt Goldich. Furthermore: The Huffington Post says it'll provide streaming video, and already has posted a series of essays by comedy writers, and writers about...

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Live from Wainy Days Live at 92YTribeca

When you throw a party for a TV show, much less a Web series, you're never quite sure how it will translate as a live experience for audiences to sit and enjoy. No such worries last night at the 92YTribeca, which hosted "Wainy Days Live," a party that not only marked the start of the fourth season for David Wain's amusing ode to seeking love and finding plenty of sex jokes along the way, but also the relaunch of a newly designed My Damn Channel, which made Wainy Days possible. Rob Barnett, head of the small, plucky crew at My Damn Channel, told the audience at the start: "My Damn Channel is a brand-new thing today." The redesigned site features a larger player and a cleaner design. Barnett told me that his strategy all along has been to focus on a small group of talented performers and give them free reign to do what they do. That's how My Damn Channel can stand out from the many other players in Web comedy. He told me that Sam Seder's "Pilot Season" had gotten two million views in its first two weeks as a reborn Web series. So far, so good. David Wain kept the live show moving at a nice pace last night. In between video clips of this week's latest episode (Amanda Peet has a curious fetish in #27,...

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Jimmy Tingle takes his “Andy Rooney” act to the subway

Back in the day, Jimmy Tingle almost fashioned himself a television career as the next Andy Rooney when he got hired to deliver Rooney-style commentary for CBS and its short-lived 60 Minutes II. This new video, in which Tingle talks about why we like the idea of public transportation in theory but not in reality, shows that Tingle still is ready to fill in for Rooney and be just as common-sense nutty so no one will know the difference. He can even let his eyebrows grow wild, if need be. You hear this,...

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CollegeHumor’s pulling an all-nighter

If it's May, then it's college finals, and the kids over at CollegeHumor are helping you cope by pulling an all-nighter themselves — right now, between 9 p.m. EDT Thursday and 9 a.m. Friday — streaming live video chatting here and posting a new "Hardly Working" video every hour. So now you know. Here's one of their latest productions, in which they react to eating a batch of special brownies: See more funny videos and funny pictures at...

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