Day: April 23, 2009

Patton Oswalt defends his place on MySpace

Comedian Patton Oswalt used his early morning MySpace blog post to deftly recount the story of becoming a new father and how it related to his pop-culture habits, and specifically the new sequel, Crank: High Voltage. There are amusing references to how some comedy sites treated the birth of his daughter, as well as how his friends in comedy and the performing arts all seem to be having babies right about now. But Oswalt also had something to say about why he waited until now, and why he chose MySpace as his forum for sharing all of this: I didn’t want to announce this on my website, or on my Facebook which, truth be told, I shut down ‘cuz of all the psycho messages I was getting. I mean, I appreciate knowing that you were awake at 3am and heard a katydid chirping my name and that’s why you’re warning me that a hobo-harlequin’s going to kill me with a tire iron on Christmas, but…I mean, didn’t you get tired just reading that? But MySpace has become a neglected strip mall, which is slowly going out of business because someone built a shiny new mega-mall just down the street. Every now and then you stop by because abandoned, derelict buildings have a weird beauty to them. Have you been over to Friendster lately? The rats are so tame they’ll let...

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Dane Cook launches new iPhone/iTouch comedy app

I zinged Dane Cook recently for being late to the Twitter game, but now that he's put his focus squarely back on his stand-up comedy, he's quickly caught up to the game and one-upped it with the launch of what appears to be the first comprehensive iPhone/iTouch app specifically designed to interact with an individual stand-up comedian. Here is Dane Cook with his tech friend to explain it: The details for his app, selling for $2.99 on iTunes, include backstage videos, photos and texts from Cook, along with ticket sales — while he's on tour, at least — as well as the ability to directly access and buy his tracks and albums. Related: Though seemingly hundreds of new apps are popping up for free or for sale on iTunes every week, there still aren't that many for comedy (unless you count fart noises, so OK, maybe; and also some generic joke ideas to share). 60Frames is one of the few, offering its "Best of Comedy" video app for $2.99 (their best known partnership from 2008 may have been with Kids In The...

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This American Life – Live! features Mike Birbiglia, Dave Hill

Ira Glass is hosting a live edition of his radio program, This American Life, that will happen before a sold-out audience at NYU's Skirball Center and broadcast on 400 movie screens across the country, with stories from Mike Birbiglia, Dan Savage and Starlee Kine, a "special investigation" by Dave Hill and David Rakoff, a new cartoon from Chris Ware, visuals from Arthur Jones, and an appearance by Joss Whedon. It happens at 8 p.m. Eastern, 7 p.m. Central, 6 p.m. Mountain — then tape-delayed for 8 p.m. Pacific. You can check for tickets at a cinema near you. If you cannot make it tonight but still would like to enjoy this show in a movie theater, some cinemas will rebroadcast tonight's show on May...

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