Day: April 20, 2009

Nostalgia tripping: Sarah Silverman’s friends; early Jim Carrey stand-up

If you want to attain a more natural high, just go back in time and remember when you and your favorite comedians were younger, back before they were famous. First up, Sarah Silverman shares with us this photo that shows her and her pals, circa 1993: Todd Barry, Janeane Garofalo, Dave Attell, and Dave Juskow. And if you think that's something, then please check out this rare footage of a young Jim Carrey, circa mid-1980s (Brezhney, My Three Sons and E.T.?), performing five minutes of facial impersonations for a crowd at The Comedy Store that had no idea what they were seeing. Oh, to be a young comedian again. Happy...

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Hard ‘N Phirm’s NSFW 4/20 Song: “SFH”

Chris Hardwick and Mike Phirman have done it again, crafting a witty ditty for the stoners holiday (4/20). It's called "Super F—ing High."  As Hardwick notes: "BIG HEADS UP: This song may not be suitable for work (unless you work in a dispensary). It unleashes a volcano of swears. In fact, I DARE you to figure out how to make a radio edit of it (it would probably sound like a 4-minute test of the Emergency Broadcast System)." So if you have headphones or don't care who hears it, play...

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The Return of Pilot Season

So here it is, my friends. Pilot Season is back where audiences can actually relive the magic of the mockumentary that looked at how various relationships unfolded in show business during the actual "pilot season," starring Sam Seder, Sarah Silverman, H. Jon Benjamin, Isla Fisher, David Cross and Andy Dick, among others. New episodes will appear on Mondays via My Damn Channel. Enjoy it all over again, or for the first time: Episode two is after the...

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Ron White: Behavioral Problems

Ron White has always been the least "Blue Collar" of the Blue Collar comedy crew, preferring to stand on stage in a suit with a cigar in one hand, a glass of scotch on the rocks in the other. And in Behavioral Problems, his new special that debuted on Comedy Central on Sunday night and comes out Tuesday on DVD, White demonstrates again how he thinks outside of that particular stereotypical comedy box. With his hair a little bit longer and his shape a little bit rounder, White also addresses his arrest in Florida last September, getting caught with "medicinal" marijuana after his private plane landed in Vero Beach for a series of gigs. "These cops drove past three meth labs and a dead hooker just to get there," White cracked. He also takes on Crown Paper for suing him over pointing out that the paper plant made his hometown stink, wants America to sell its military oceanfront property in south Florida to the Jews, loves the bidet in his Seattle hotel, and closes out his hour with jokes about having sex in his 50s. Over at CMT, a blogger asked if Ron White was "Southern" anymore. Does that matter? Here's how White sees more than a little of himself in the late Norman Mailer: Ron White – Norman Mailer Joke of the Day Stand-Up Comedy Free...

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