Day: April 13, 2009

Richard Pryor at The Comedy Store (1982-83)

The Comedy Store has started uploading some rare footage on its own YouTube channel, and today, they've included part of a set Richard Pryor performed in 1982-1983 (based on Pryor dating himself at 42). It's great for several reasons, among them: Pryor seeing Henny Youngman in the audience and talking to him, ended his set by welcoming a young Robin Williams to the stage, and of course, in between, reminding us what was so special about himself: Related: Another clip of Pryor's set from The Comedy Store that lacks embed coding, in which he talked about getting sober and cleaning up his...

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The day after Easter candy video

How much would you pay for a Peep these days? How about today, the day after Easter? If that's not something, then I don't know what is, which is just another way for me to meander into an introduction for this UCB Comedy video that got onto YouTube's front page, imagining the "emergency" meeting at the Cadbury Egg Company. Thank you, Easter bunnies…bawk,...

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Chelsea Handler poses naked for Allure

So Allure gets famous ladies to get naked and photographed, because, well, I'm still not sure why, but as long as our society tells women to pose for nude photos, I shall not be complaining. But. Butt. As much as you may want to see Chelsea Handler naked and putting her arms over her breasts, while saying how said breasts are the best part of her body, is this how we want to continue perpetuating stereotypes of women in comedy? I'm sorry, what was that again? ALLURE: What body parts are you most proud of? CH: "My boobs are good. They're real and perky. Even if you can't see them, the important thing is that I know about them, and the guys I've slept with know about...

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Why is Glenn Beck doing comedy tours?

Perhaps you remember Glenn Beck from the talk radio or from CNN Headline News, but now that he's the new darling of FOX News, Beck has a higher profile among media observers. And so it is that I'm learning about his proclivity for performing some sort of folksy one-man show stand-up type routine to conservative theatergoers when he's not on the air. Here's the AP report from Sunday announcing Glenn Beck's June 2009 tour, with shows in Denver, Phoenix, San Diego, Kansas City, Houston and Richmond, Va. Beck told the AP his comedy his a mixture of "poor man's Seinfeld" with Thomas Paine's 1776 revolutionary tome, "Common Sense." No, really, that's what he said. As we wrap up another Easter weekend and Passover, I'm left to wonder if having Glenn Beck spin homespun stories to rapt audiences is any better or worse than the televangelists preaching to their choirs on any given day or night on your cable/satellite TV. Based on the clips Beck has provided online, he's not giving me much to defend his caveman routine. First, here's his promotional clip: After the jump, five minutes of Beck's closing routine in...

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