Day: April 9, 2009

Stand-Up 360 in cinemas this spring

Screenvision has produced a series of seven live stand-up comedy films from Broadway Comedy Club in NYC that will appear on movie screens nationwide beginning May 4. Here's the trailer: OK. So host Caroline Rhea tells you to enjoy stand-up comedy "without the two-drink minimum" by watching stand-ups filmed in a club with a drink minimum. Paradox. But whatevs. We also see in this trailer that the first film installment features Erik Rivera, Wali Collins, Vanessa Hollingshead, Mike Vecchione, Modi, Roz G., Steve Rossi and Joe Larson, plus we saw glimpses of Ross Bennett, Esther Ku, Costaki Economopoulos, Godfrey and more. You can check out info on the Stand-Up 360 site. They have deals to screen in cinemas in 39 states.  The full lineup and dates, after the jump! STAND-UP 360™ Edition 1 (May 4)Caroline Rhea- HostErik RiveraWali CollinsVanessa HollingsheadMike VecchioneJoe Larson- Break OutSteve Rossi- Break OutRozMODI STAND-UP 360™ Edition 2 (May 18)Caroline Rhea- HostAdam HunterCostaki EconomopoulosJudy GoldBrad Cohen- Break OutRichard BrooksGodfrey STAND-UP 360™ Edition 3 (June 1)Caroline Rhea- HostJesse JoyceEsther KuRoss BennettLaurie KilmartinPeyton Clarkson – Break OutRoz G STAND-UP 360™ Edition 4 (June 22)Caroline Rhea- HostPat DixonMichele BalanKeith AlberstadtMike YardPoppi Kramer- Break OutRich Vos STAND-UP 360: Muy Caliente™ Edition 1 (July 6)Show # 1Erik Rivera-HostPeaches RodriguezCory FernandezMark VieraBecky DonohueLazVladimir CaamanoAngelo Lozada STAND-UP 360: Muy Caliente™ Edition 2 (July 20)Erik Rivera-HostChris MataCristela AlonzoMark DeMayoChristina GalstonJoe RochaSara Contreras STAND-UP Inside Out™ (June TBD)Caroline Rhea- HostJudy...

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Joe Rogan, on comics always editing their routines

Joe Rogan is hard at work editing his upcoming stand-up comedy special, which will air on the Spike network in June. Rogan provides UFC commentary on Spike, so having his special air there (instead of, say, Showtime, HBO or Comedy Central) does make some demographic sense. In a post on his blog overnight, Rogan talked about how he hates having to watch and listen to his routines over and over during the editing process. There are surreal aspects to it, but also one very real fact that Rogan cannot control (at least until he gets a hold of the time-travel technology on Lost), and that's that he already has moved on from the material he performed for his special. As he explained: "One of my problems is that a bit never feels completely done to me. I rarely say a bit the exact same way every time, and because I’m always tweaking them and fucking around with them they’re constantly getting better. My filming was just a couple weeks ago, and I’ve already got a bunch of new tag-lines for some jokes, and some better ways of setting up other ones. It really just never ends." Any comedian's stand-up special is merely a snapshot of where and who he/she was as a performer that night. It can date your material in more ways than one. And yet, it's so hard...

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Steven Wright’s drop-ins on Craig Ferguson

The network late-night chat shows are dark this week (read: mutually agreed vacations), but that has not stopped some sites from taking note of how Steven Wright has become buddy-buddy with Craig Ferguson, appearing as an unannounced guest a few times recently on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Wright's rep tells me that the absurdist stand-up comedian has been hanging out in Hollywood this winter, and that his relationship with Ferguson and the show happened organically. I'm thinking it started in February, when Wright was already scheduled to perform on a taped program and decided to emerge from the green room during the taping of the night's scheduled show. This is the first time I saw Wright as an unscheduled guest, back on Feb. 12, 2009. Related: Clips featuring Wright and Ferguson from Feb. 19, March 18 (1), March 18 (2), March 31 (open), March 31 (emails), April 2...

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Michael & Michael Have Issues to blog

The team of Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter officially have kicked their upcoming Comedy Central series into high gear, auditioning actors and actresses for sketches, hiring writers (Jessi Klein and Kumail Nanjiani) and prepping production for their first season of episodes for Michael & Michael Have Issues. The network ordered seven episodes of the series back in February, and they're supposed to begin airing in July. On top of all of the work that goes into developing a new show, Black and Showalter also have begun contributing to their own show blog. And on day two, Michael & Michael Have Issues online already has checked off the meme for cat...

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