Day: April 6, 2009

Porn stars in mainstream comedies

That saying about things happening in threes has gotten a bit of an X-rated revamp over the weekend, as a threesome of images popped up on my Internets involving porn star actresses in mainstream comedies. To be sure, a few of the men and women who have had sex in pornographic films (or even simulated intercourse in softcore Skinemax flicks) already have managed to graduate and upgrade their careers to network, basic cable and Hollywood big studio movies. Traci Lords and Ron Jeremy come to mind first, so to speak. HBO's Entourage has cast a bevy of porn beauties in previous seasons. Boogie Nights was about the porn world of the late 1970s, and as such, included some adult stars, but that played it heavy (despite some comical scenes). This is different. Starting with 2007's Superbad, and continuing with last year's Zack and Miri Make a Porno, we're seeing more broad comedies with roles for porn actresses. And now there's news of another new big-budget comedy movie about porn, this time starring Christina Ricci. It's called "Born to be a Star," with Adam Sandler as a co-writer, and Nick Swardson as a co-producer, about a small-town nerd from the Midwest who discovers his parents were 1970s porn stars and decides to go to Hollywood to get into the family business. But who will play the nerd? Swardson? Perhaps Ricci's...

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Ron Burgandy interviews Roy Williams and Tom Izzo

Tonight's NCAA men's basketball championship pits the University of North Carolina against Michigan State at Ford Field in Detroit. What are the odds that Will Ferrell, as his Anchorman character Ron Burgandy, scored one-on-one interviews with both coaches last year during his Funny or Die tour? No betting allowed, because Ferrell already did done gone and done it. Here are his improvised chats, in front of the respective college campus crowds, with North Carolina Tar Heels Coach Roy Williams and Michigan State Spartans Coach Tom Izzo. How Burgandy managed to attend and/or work in the journalism programs at both schools is not a coincidence. No matter whom you're rooting for, enjoy: Ron Burgundy Interviews Roy Williams (UNC) from Ron Burgundy Ron Burgundy Interviews Tom Izzo from Ron...

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The New Yorker profiles Katt Williams

The April 13, 2009 issue of The New Yorker, on newsstands today, has a six-page profile by Kelefa Sanneh on comedian Katt Williams. No news is broken here, but Sanneh does have behind-the-scenes interviews and descriptions of what went down last fall at the BET Hip-Hop Awards (which Williams was supposed to host up until the day of the show), as well as the New Year's Eve stand-up "showdown" with Steve Harvey in Detroit. You'll need to register online to read more than this excerpt. Sanneh provides some commentary in this short video that includes a few NSFW bits from Williams, and there's a point he made in the profile about how Williams manages to make his repeated pronunciation of certain words and phrases as funny as the actual punchline, and there is an example included among these routines about a weed dealer....

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The Kenny Powers book on audio

We may no longer have Eastbound & Down to watch on Sunday nights, but star Danny McBride has personally approved this message from a fan who stitched together the audiotape sessions of Kenny Powers reading from his book, "You're F—ing Out, I'm F—ing In." Life lessons, people. Life lessons. I think the thing about the Powers character that makes me laugh is that despite having delusions of grandeur, he always says what's on his mind and manages to have some understanding of reality. Needless to say, the content is NSFW. Enjoy: Kenny Powers Audio Biography from Danny...

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