Day: March 26, 2009

Comic Strip Live brings back its Audition Lottery

After a two-year hiatus, the Comic Strip Live is bringing back the Lottery hat that allows just about anyone to have his or her shot at making the rite of passage and become a regular stand-up comedian at the club on Manhattan's Upper East Side. Here are the details: Anyone 18 and older can audition, so long as they arrive at the club by 6 p.m. on Wednesday, April 1. (Note: This is not an April Fool's prank) Everyone will pick a number out of a hat that will determine the date they will audition for the club. Auditions are five minutes long and will always take place on consecutive Tuesdays starting April 7. Participants will be seen by the Comic Strip Live booker and owners. Those who make the cut will receive a number of paid spots per week and will appear on the same stage where Eddie Murphy, Adam Sandler, and Chris Rock honed their...

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Premium Blend on Hulu: When they were younger

This is pretty much for my American readers (and those of you outside the States who have figured out how to watch clips on My Hulu visits tend to be more targeted — I know what's on there and what I want to catch up on — rather than exploratory missions of curious wonder. That said, one of my friends tipped me off to this new addition to Hulu's online archives: Full seasons of Comedy Central's Premium Blend. Premium Blend was the bigger, louder, hyperactive precursor to Live At Gotham. Look at how the audience and claps as if they're in a Benny Hill sketch. So far, just seasons five, seven and nine are up, for 36 episodes spotlighting 144 up-and-coming stand-up comedians, some of whom have since made leaps and strides, while others have yet to become household names. It's fun to see some of the pairings here, find glimpses of people I know now but didn't back then, as well as comics I was friends with years ago. Season 5 also is intriguing because it filmed pre-Sept. 11 but began airing Oct. 5, 2001. Remember that weird time for comedy, when society and the mainstream media asked if it was OK to be ironic and sarcastic? It's also a time that gave us early looks at Judah Friedlander, Laurie Kilmartin, Eugene Mirman and Patrice Oneal, all in...

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Tom Arnold hosting free Thursday night comedy at The Laugh Factory for unemployed masses

The Laugh Factory sure knows how to generate publicity. This report appeared last night on Access Hollywood, about Tom Arnold hosting free Thursday night comedy shows for the unemployed masses as a pick-me-up during the recession. Although, as Arnold notes: Two drink minimum! Here's the small print from the club's online calendar: Every Thursday at 8pm the Laugh Factory is offering free admission to its All Star Comedy Show, to anybody who can show proof of their unemployment. Tom Arnold has volunteered to host the show and bring along some of his celebrity friends in an effort to bring laughs and smiles to people during these uncertain and stressful times. Comedians TBA! General admission: $20 + 2-drink minimum. VIP admission: $30 +2-drink minumum. Call reservations (323) 656-1336×1 before 6pm or buy tickets on...

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What’s odder: Suggested casting for “Three Stooges” movie, or Demetri Martin’s Woodstock movie?

Trying to wrap my head around some comedy-related news to emerge last night (and no, not talking about the final minutes of Lost, though, wow). So I'm wondering how you feel about these two things that happened. First, we learned that the Farrelly Brothers and MGM finally look like they have a deal and a cast in place for the movie the brothers long have wanted to make about The Three Stooges. OK. So far, so good. Farrelly Brothers celebrating their outrageous comedy forefathers. So who will play Moe, Larry and Curly? Jim Carrey allegedly already is looking to pack on the pounds to play Curly. A stretch, so to speak, but we can imagine it. Go on. Sean Penn as Larry. There's a resemblance, but Penn seems more the Moe personality. Hmmm. Benicio Del Toro as Moe. Wait. What now? So, secondly, Demetri Martin debuted the first trailer for Taking Woodstock, an Ang Lee movie starring Martin as a guy looking to make a motel with his folks work out in upstate New York, when along comes this hippie concert and real-life hijinx ensue. Woodstock's 40th anniversary is coming up, so, alrighty, why not. But then again, why again? Hippy dippy. You can watch: So…which one of these things is odder than the other…which one of these things just doesn't belong? Or maybe they both belong, but just...

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