Day: March 21, 2009

Craig Ferguson’s “A Wee Bit O’ Revolution”

In four years as host of The Late Late Show on CBS, Craig Ferguson already has established his own personal stamp on American late-night chat shows, right from the start each night with a cheeky prelude before the opening credits that may or may not involve hand puppetry from behind the camera, into a fully improvised monologue that allows Ferguson to let his thoughts loose and through a loosey goosey hour of sketches and interviews. So what would Ferguson's first-ever stand-up comedy special in America look like? Ferguson (like Tonight Show veteran Jay Leno and Late Night rookie Jimmy Fallon, as well as The Daily Show's Jon Stewart) performs stand-up between weeks of tapings, but unlike Leno, Fallon and Stewart, most Americans will probably get their first real good look at his comedy character in A Wee Bit O' Revolution, which premieres Sunday night as an hourlong special on Comedy Central (and comes out Tuesday as an 80-minute DVD with extras). Filmed at Boston's Wilbur Theatre in 2008, the same year that the Scotsman both became an American citizen and also delivered the keynote address at the White House Correspondents Dinner (in which Ferguson chose to chastise the media more than the man in charge), Ferguson opens by acknowledging the quandary of his situation, standing next to George W. Bush. "He was really nice to me and friendly…which makes...

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Uncle Eddie hypes his UCBW title defense at WrestleSlamMania IV

I think we all can remember a time in our lives when we not only watched professional rassling on the TV, but also maybe felt compelled to attend an event live in person or re-enact the moves with our friends in junior high school. But what if we embraced the sports-entertainment hybrid as adults and co-opted it into an underground live comedy event? If you are the Upright Citizens Brigade, you say yes, and how would you like two tickets to the gun show that is the UCBW? Every Thursday night, the UCB's New York theater hosts a late-night "Cage Match" that pits improv teams against one another in a battle for the audience's admiration — and also serves to promote the UCBW. At midnight tonight, four years into this experiment in sketch comedy wrestling, the UCBW presents WrestleSlamMania IV. I had the opportunity to talk to the UCBW's heavyweight champion, Uncle Eddie, who defends his title belt tonight against "The Black Planet" Marz. First things first, though. Eddie, who also has competed as one-half of tag-team ConEd, told me he now goes by Uncle Hollywood Eddie because apparently the producers of The Wrestler relied on his input and participation into their film. He also has picked this fight with Marz, adding injury to insult earlier this year. "I'm jealous of his popularity with the fans, so I blinded...

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