Day: March 17, 2009

Jim Gaffigan’s self-aware promotional vlogs

In the past week, Jim Gaffigan has reconnected with his Twitter account, and now has begun reaching out to fans also in daily video blogs on his YouTube account to promote his upcoming Comedy Central special and DVD, King Baby. I mention this not merely because I enjoy his stand-up, and hear that he gives me thanks on the DVD, but do so today because if I put my ears together, I could swear his Irish greeting sounds a lot like my name. Note: I don't think it's possible or advisable to put one's ears together....

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Chris Hardwick breaks comedy/TV news via Twitter

Chris Hardwick, aka the Hard in Hard 'N Phirm, aka @nerdist, broke news minutes ago via Twitter that he would not be able to make his live comedy gigs this weekend at SXSW in Austin because…he just got hired to host the pilot for the new game show, The Whole 19 Yards, for the CBS television network. Hardwick said he couldn't divulge much info about the show, other than he's working across the lot from Wheel of Fortune. But the Internets have told us that Endemol is behind the project, and was seeking potential contestants last month via Craigslist. Top prize of $50,000. J. Rupert Thompson, veteran producer/director of Fear Factor, Wipeout, Kid Nation and the revamp of American Gladiators, is directing. One ad a few weeks ago looking for female contestants said this: We need whole personalities. Types that come to mind are but not limited to:  – Athletic girls who can kick some butt! – Hot girls with athletic moves! Tuff girls – Huge personalities – People with abs of steel – People with cool jobs – People who make us laugh – Moms  Looking for big energy people 21-99. You can win huge money.  This is a on stage game show. NO GROSS STUNTS  We need people with BRAINS and people who are Athletic. If you are both then great but if you brain that brawn or vise versa that is great also....

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The hidden link between Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer?

When Jon Stewart tore into CNBC's business reporting last week on Comedy Central's The Daily Show, and CNBC's Mad Money man Jim Cramer sat there hopelessly acknowledging his mistakes, there was one guy who watched it go down having an insider's perspective from both sides of the conversation. As comedian Jeff Kreisler pointed out to me via email over the weekend: "My guess is I'm the only person that even remotely bridges the gap between Cramer and Stewart." Here's how: For three years, Kreisler wrote a weekly humor column and video blog, "Funny Money," for Cramer's (and the person who hired Kreisler, he noted wryly, was Aaron Task — the guy shown interviewing Cramer in the video in which Cramer says how easy it is to manipulate the markets). He left that gig in 2008, and wrote last year for Comedy Central's Indecision2008 blog. Kreisler, who has been honored with the Bill Hicks Spirit Award and been received well both here in America and over in Edinburgh, acknowledged that in his time working for Cramer, he "never really had much, or any interaction with Cramer himself. I worked remotely, only popping in to occasionally record a video — yes I've been in that hideous orange studio — though I did ask him to read my book for a blurb. He refused (perhaps because I mention him as a cheater?)....

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Denis Leary tells the story of Shepherd’s Pie

It's St. Patrick's Day and the Irish-Americans are smiling, parading and doing (ahem) other things today, so Funny or Die corralled famous Irish-American comedian Denis Leary to explain the secrets of a favorite Irish dish: Shepherd's Pie. It's as if he told you what really goes into a hot dog was dog. How. Dare. He. I refuse to believe any of this is true. You be the judge! Great Moments in Irish History with Denis Leary – watch more funny...

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