Day: March 13, 2009

In other news…

This week's installment of "In other news…" examines a few mainstream media stories over the past week that took the time to cover comedy, but could have spent just a bit more time asking questions before going into print. Or, as the recently departed radio broadcaster Paul Harvey would say, it's time for…the…rest…of the story. — The AP yesterday wrote an ode to How I Met Your Mother's love of fake Web sites, and while that's interesting and all, there's no mention of how this is becoming more widespread (The Office, SNL, 30 Rock are among others that spring to mind). More importantly than achieving network balance, though, I wish there had been an exploration into how much time, effort and money was going into creating and maintaining all of these sitcom offshoots. — The Wrap made a big to-do a couple of Fridays ago about how comedian Frank Nicotero has been able to get millions of viewers to his most popular "Primetime in No Time" wrap-ups of TV on Yahoo! Once again, it's a nice profile piece, but again, it could have used some added perspective or sourcing. I wouldn't quite call Nicotero an Average Joe, as they did, and his show is sponsored by Verizon and pushed by Yahoo! Nothing about the What the Buck show on YouTube that really did allow a previously-unknown guy to make...

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Nick Kroll on the ECNY Awards

If you still have questions about the ECNY Awards and wonder what the fuss is all about, comedian Nick Kroll puts it all into perspective for you with this short video he recorded for this year's awards ceremony (held this past Monday in NYC). In reality, Kroll himself has enjoyed a lot of success in the past year and a half, providing the funniest lines in last year's Cavemen sitcom for ABC, and appearing on CBS' Worst Week, the debut of MTV's The CollegeHumor Show, HBO's The Life & Times of Tim, and Rob Corddry's Webseries, Childrens' Hospital. In the upcoming month, you'll hear Kroll's voice in FOX's new animated sitcom, Sit Down, Shut Up, and see him in the movie, I Love You, Man. Now that I've rolled through his credits, watch him explain "downtown hipster comedy" and the show business to you (warning: contains NSFW profanities and simulated drug use!). Enjoy! Related: Nick Kroll's...

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Jon Stewart gives Jim Cramer the “Crossfire” treatment

For the past decade, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart has mocked playfully at the conventions of news and politics in a way that has allowed us to see how the world's metaphorical emperors have no clothes when the mainstream media failed to do so. Every so often, though, Stewart himself has gotten so riled up by the failings of the media that he has taken them to task…in their faces. Remember in 2004 when he went on CNN's Crossfire and effectively killed the show? Alas, while Stewart won that battle, he fell far short of removing political hot air from the cable news networks — in fact, that virus had seemed to spread far and wide during the 2008 election campaign. Last night, Stewart lambasted the financial news networks for turning our collective wealth and now poverty into a sport, with CNBC and Mad Money's Jim Cramer in the hot seat for the full half-hour. In fact, Stewart let Cramer have it for more than a half-hour, so during last night's show, Comedy Central superimposed promos telling you to watch the whole exchange on the Internets. Which we shall allow you to watch in its entireity after the jump. Do you think this will have a lasting impact on how financial reporters cover our economy? Or will it be a short-term blip on the radar, a la Stewart's...

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