Day: March 12, 2009

The end for NBC’s Last Comic Standing?

NBC unveiled its summer slate of TV programming for 2009 today, and Last Comic Standing is nowhere to be found. Not on the schedule. Not on NBC's home page. Not on NBC's page of upcoming shows. The show page remains stuck in time in August 2008. Normally, we'd already be knee-deep in the nationwide auditions for aspiring stand-up comedians, and this year, we have heard nary a peep from the producers or any of the comedy clubs about auditions. A source at the network told me a month ago that no decision had been made yet, despite an announcement made before season six that there would be a seventh season. So, this is it The NBC message board for the show has been placed in its "vault" for shows no longer airing on NBC, and my source told me this afternoon there are no plans to pick up the show. Do you miss it? Or do you think this showcase for stand-up comedy was mercifully put out of its national misery? Should another network take up the cause for aspiring...

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Dane Cook lines up new arena tour; new to Twitter/YouTube?!

Dane Cook announced a new arena tour that launches this spring in North America and eventually goes abroad. So I guess all that talk about going small with Isolated Incident was just talk. Speaking of his upcoming new DVD/CD, Isolated Incident, word from Comedy Central says he taped the special in front of 400 people at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood — not the audience of 20 that was advertised in an early video. Which leads me to believe that the small audience work was done as Cook led up to his special and will be included in some documentary form on the DVD, rather than being the special itself (because recording a special for an audience of 400 isn't quite as unique as the press makes it sound). That said, I'm still looking forward to seeing what Dane Cook has up his sleeves this time, based upon the guy I talked to after his show in November. Tickets for his Global Thermo Comedy Tour (a nod to WarGames) go on sale to the public on Friday, March 13, though they're already available as a pre-sale if you can "guess" the secret password already listed on as SUFI. As Cook said on his site earlier this week: "Taking this new tour around the world is a desire I've wanted to fulfill for sometime now, based on the tremendous response I...

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Early look: Jim Gaffigan’s “King Baby” special

Jim Gaffigan's latest Comedy Central special, King Baby, debuts March 29 on Comedy Central, with a CD and DVD coming soon thereafter on March 31. If you follow Gaffigan, you already know how much he can mine your favorite foods for funny (Hot Pockets, the McRib), and in this hour, he already has shown on late-night TV that he has several minutes of punchlines about bacon. Here is a newly released clip in which Gaffigan explores the love-hate of the Waffle House chain. And here is an unearthed audio clip of Jim Gaffigan speaking to then-Sen. Barack Obama on a Chicago radio show in 2005 trying to get him to attend the "Beyond The Pale" tapings in...

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