Day: March 3, 2009

Seth Herzog’s 200th Sweet show

It's Tuesday, which in New York City anytime over the past several years, means it's time for another edition of Seth Herzog's Sweet show, in which "the Zog" (pictured at right with President Obama) regales audiences at The Slipper Room with tales and dances, shares quips with a celebrity sidekick DJ, puts on any number of talented comedic performers and has a live onstage discussion with his mother. Tonight, Sweet celebrates its 200th show (Janeane Garofalo, Reggie Watts, Jon Glaser, actor Frank Whaley and surprises are in store). So I sat down with the Zog — actually we both sat at our computers late last night and exchanged Qs and As. Let's get to it. First a fun fact: Seth Herzog also is the new "audience warm-up guy" for NBC's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Herzog said last night's debut was crazy fun, and that he and Fallon have been friends for years, and Fallon asked him to join the team. What were you doing before Sweet, comedy-wise?Before Sweet I was performing at everyone in else's shows. I had been doing stand up in New York since the mid 90's. The alt comedy movement began in NY the year I moved here, but at the time "Eating It" was the only great show outside of the clubs and it was very hard to get on, so for the first...

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Sarah Silverman Program will return for third season on Comedy Central

It's official. Via The Hollywood Reporter comes news that Comedy Central has agreed to a third season of The Sarah Silverman Program, a 10-episode order that had come into doubt over the weekend when Silverman and her fellow executive producers threatened to quit unless they could retain an adequate production budget for said third season. "Things were tough on Friday and over the weekend," said Comedy Central's president of original programming Lauren Corrao, who headed the network's efforts to keep "Sarah Silverman" on the air. "We very much wanted the show, we just couldn't come to an agreement for a budget that was acceptable and uncompromising to the producers and that we could afford." "We're happy," Silverman said. "All we ever wanted was just to make our show. Nothing fancy — just our show." At issue: The second season had ended Dec. 11, 2008, and previously, Comedy Central was quick to renew the series. This time, however, Comedy Central had suggested Silverman's crew produce the third-season episodes for $850,000 an episode, down from $1.1 million. The E.P.'s all said no thanks and threatened to walk on Friday. By Monday, Comedy Central was talking to sister network Logo on a financial and content sharing agreement, and the deal was struck. It's not that much of a stretch. Silverman appeals to gay audiences, and has two main characters (comedians Brian Posehn...

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Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: Debut review

Settle down, everybody. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon debuted on NBC overnight, and we already knew that the show's debut would bring in higher ratings (2.3 rating, 8 share in metered markets, compared to Conan's final season average of 1.7, according to the network — full ratings info available Thursday), that Jimmy Fallon would be nervous, that the crowd would be excited, and that all late-night shows will evolve into something else over time (see: Conan, Kimmel, Ferguson). So, again I type, settle down, everybody. Your reviews are not helping anyone really. Although, in the name of truth-telling, it should be acknowledged that some casual viewers tune in to the debut of any show and make snap judgments about whether to become regular viewers. For them, and for you, some thoughts. Cold Open: Perfect. Just perfect. Opening cold (just like SNL), viewers still expecting to see Conan O'Brien indeed saw Conan O'Brien, packing up his things in what is now Fallon's dressing room, to literally hand the show off to him. And they get to make a jab about the fact that Jay Leno is not leaving. Monologue: Fallon managed to handle the hyper teen audience with some ad-libs, proving Lorne Michaels right for telling Fallon to spend much of 2008 on the road in comedy clubs to prepare for heckling and all sorts of nonsense like this. The...

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