Day: February 26, 2009

Robin Williams will return for a week on Broadway

Following hot off of the successful Broadway run of Will Ferrell's Bush spoof, Robin Williams announced today that his current stand-up tour, "Weapons of Self-Destruction," will include a weeklong run in New York City at the Neil Simon Theatre. Tickets will go on sale March 1 for shows April 28-May 3. His nationwide tour stops in New Orleans tonight and ends May 24 in Las Vegas. From the press release, Williams said: "I'm excited to be back on Broadway. It's been a blast working on new material for this tour. The current state of the country's political and economic climate, while so hard on so many people, has been like gold for a comedian. There's just so much that's ripe for the picking." Related: Two reviews from his recent stop through Dallas/Fort Worth offered different opinions (Dallas Morning News; Fort Worth...

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Reminder: Bill Hicks Day tributes

Today is the 15th anniversary of the day stand-up comedian Bill Hicks died. Over in the U.K., comedy club Jongleurs in Camden held a tribute show last night. Tonight, his childhood friend Dwight Slade performs at Cap City Comedy Club in Austin, Texas, with a special screening of the 2007 tribute film, "Squeegee Your Third Eye," and a Q&A session. And as trends go, it's not surprising to see people have a dedicated Twitter hashtag for #billhicksday. Related: David Letterman recently welcomed Bill's mother, Mary Hicks, and aired the previously censored 1993 set Bill Hicks performed shortly before his death. Further background: What happened when Letterman censored Bill...

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Ann Carr: Use It

Ann Carr doesn't simply create characters, she jumps into them so fully that you wonder where Carr went. I often want to tell anyone who likes Showtime's new comedy United States of Tara that if they really want to see how one person can inhabit so many different personalities and leap from one to another at will, then they should take a closer look at Ann Carr. She is truly captivating. Carr's many creations have come out to play before, in shows such as "The Winner's Circle" and "There is Only One You." In "Use It," her new one-woman show directed by Eliza Skinner that's making a run at the UCB Theatre in New York, Carr takes on some of the characters she has crossed paths with in her own real-life struggle to make it in show business. There's a male coworker who makes awkward small talk. There's the college classmate who went on fame and fortune, bumping into Carr as she works as a waitress. "She's so jealous!" the actress says of Carr, adding another level of self-absorption with this chestnut: "This is your struggle, and I'm part of it…Use it!" There's a mother accompanying her son on an audition. There's a scene losing it in public at a Starbucks. At one point, one of Carr's characters wonders: "I keep doing it because I know it's not all...

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Jerry Seinfeld returns to NBC with “The Marriage Ref”

Jerry Seinfeld doesn't need the money. But Seinfeld cannot stay away from the stage, whether it's stand-up comedy or television. NBC announced today that he's coming back to the Peacock Network, creating a comedy/reality show about married couples tentatively called "The Marriage Ref." It'll take real married couples with disputes and have them judged upon by celebs, comedians and athletes. No word on whether Seinfeld will appear on camera or stay behind the scenes, nor when it'll debut, but it won't air in the 10 p.m. hour. Leno's got that wrapped up. More likely 8 p.m. Full press release from NBC after the jump… UNIVERSAL CITY, CALIF. – February 26, 2009 – NBC is proud to announce a new comedy-reality series created by superstar comedian and producer Jerry Seinfeld's Columbus 81 Productions. Mr. Seinfeld has partnered with Ellen Rakieten, a 23-year veteran of "The Oprah Winfrey Show" on this project. This new series titled "The Marriage Ref" (working title) will feature opinionated celebrities, comedians and sports stars who will candidly comment, judge and offer different strategies for real-life couples in the midst of a classic marital dispute. The announcement was made today by Ben Silverman, Co-Chairman, NBC Entertainment and Universal Media Studios. Describing his new creation, Mr. Seinfeld said, "This is not a therapy show, it's a comedy show. After nine years of marriage I have discovered that the...

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The Celebrity Apprentice now officially a sitcom

Speaking of comedians in places you don't expect to see comedians…the second edition of The Celebrity Apprentice starts on Sunday night, because, well, I don't know why NBC has trotted the Trumps back out, but I'm almost compelled to watch this. Why not have a silly rich man who's always going bankrupt while claiming to have the "#1 show in America" even though that's not true, playing pretend boss to a silly sparkly comedian who thinks the time-space continuum stopped in 1989 because he's still on TV saying he's the "#1 comedian in America." Yes, my friends. This shall be meta. It's a comedy-heavy Apprentice, with Andrew Dice Clay, Tom Green and Joan Rivers, not to mention some "celebrities" who themselves are "jokes." Dennis Rodman is laughing at himself in the first episode for making yet another bad life decision. There is a Kardashian. And a Deal or No Deal suitcase holder. It sounds like I am making this up but, sadly, no. Someone else thought this up and put it on our televisions and Internets for all of the world to see. Did I mention they're competing by gender, and Trumpy McTrumperson says their first task is making cupcakes? Tune in March 1 and tells me all about it! Roll the...

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