Day: February 18, 2009

Tracy Morgan’s fish set his apartment on fire?!

And how was your morning? For Tracy Morgan and others who live in his Manhattan apartment building, it was a fiery Wednesday morning as flames broke out in the 30 Rock star's apartment in Trump Place on the Upper West Side, and firefighters discovered it all started with a lamp attached to Morgan's fish tank. For reals. (thanks, Gawker) The sprinkler system activated and flooded some adjacent apartments, including that of his "TV wife" Sherri Shepherd. And she talked about it this morning on The View, and she was most worried about her wigs! So, in summation, a fire from a fish tank flooded apartments, but thankfully the fish and the wigs all survived. And people think these two are crazy? Wherever would you get that...

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Patton Oswalt’s Comedy Death Ray “pep talk”

Who does Tim Young from Baltimore think he is…Judy Tenuta? Young spent $700 in a charity auction so he could host Comedy Death Ray, and Patton Oswalt has something to say to the young fella. (Thanks to Videogum) CDR Opening for 2/17/09 from Paul Bartunek on Vimeo. Related: Comedy Death Ray, Tuesday nights at the UCB Theatre in Los Angeles.Furthermore: Patton Oswalt headlines this weekend at Carolines in New York...

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Bill Maher’s “Religulous” DVD GIVEAWAY!

If you watch Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO (the new season starts this Friday, Feb. 20), then you know that Maher has two issues that really hit close to home: 1) legalizing the personal use of marijuana, and 2) the silliness of religious beliefs. The latter was the subject of Maher's first documentary film, Religulous, which showed up in cinemas during 2008 and came out on DVD on Tuesday. As he says on one of the extra commentaries on his DVD: "As a comedian, religion always interested me, because comedians are looking for what doesn't make sense. The gap between what somebody tells you and what you know to be true, that's where the jokes are." Maher's personality can come off as abrasive, certainly. But he worked on this documentary with director Larry Charles, who also helmed Borat, and in this work, Charles allows himself to become a part of the process, too, at times. The duo begin with Maher's own upbringing (he was raised Catholic but had a Jewish mother), head off to Vatican City to take on Catholics, and around the world questioning true believers on what they believe to be true. So, naturally, Maher had an even bigger problem with the eight years of President George W. Bush's so-called "born-again" leadership. Does he feel better now that Barack Obama is president? I asked him...

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