Day: February 16, 2009

The Simpsons: Now in HD?!

I know I am supposed to care about and redistribute the new two-minute title sequence for The Simpsons that aired on Sunday to coincide with the show's debut in HDTV, and yet, seeing what cartoon skin looks like in high-definition is just not the same as watching sports, a concert or the Victoria's Secret fashion show. Yawn. Has it really been 20 years? That's quite a fortunate career for those voice actors who have stuck with the show. Anyhow. Here is how The Simpsons tried to make a President's Day joke for Barack Obama. And here is the extra-long new version of the opening...

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SNL #34.17 with Alec Baldwin, Dan Aykroyd, Cameron Diaz, Jonas Brothers

If I had a time machine, I would go back a week to give the Saturday Night Live staff a head's up that they could really just go ahead and start their two-week vacation a week early. Because, really. We did not need to see that. Twas Valentine's Day, and any lovebirds would not be tuned to their TVs, and any singletons would need an escape, and where was SNL to be found? I think they took a page from the Lost plotbook, and not a wild and wacky page, either. The show seemed lost, flashing forward and backward through time — even the page has fallen victim to this, adding old Alec Baldwin sketches and claiming they were part of the Feb. 14, 2009 show. Sir Mix-A-Lot, a female Perez Hilton, Vincent Price (I usually like the Vincent Price sketches, but still). What year are we? Help me, Doc Faraday! That's not even counting the bizarre ending to the show. Right from the cold open, we knew we were in for trouble, though… SNL brought back Dan Aykroyd to open the show, and for what? No, really, for what? I watched this Republican Congressional meeting sketch a couple of times searching for any kernel of comedy, and return to you finding none. Supposing they didn't bother naming any of the Republican politicos so they wouldn't need to...

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