Day: February 8, 2009

George Carlin wins posthumous Grammy Award

The late George Carlin won a posthumous Grammy Award tonight for Best Comedy Album his final recorded performance, "It's Bad For Ya." His daughter, Kelly, accepted the award on his behalf during today's pre-telecast portion of the 51st annual Grammy Awards. Reuters reported that she recalled that "in a chemically induced, altered state," he had dismantled an earlier Grammy (tonight marked his fifth win). From the AFP, Kelly Carlin explained backstage: "This was back in 1972 when a lot of chemicals were being used by human beings," she said. "He took it apart. And someone from the academy found out so they sent him a new one." She called the Grammy "the cherry on the top of a great big beautiful cake…He's not here and I'd rather have him. But I'm just so happy people are honoring my dad." Carlin's performance was recorded in March 2008 for HBO. It's a fine tribute if you ask me, and I'm sure the other nominees in his category (Lewis Black, Flight of the Conchords, Kathy Griffin and Harry Shearer) would not complain too much at all about it. In other comedy-related Grammy news…(I'm on Twitter during the telecast: Follow @thecomicscomic) The guys from Freestyle Love Supreme can add a Grammy to their Tonys for Best Musical Show Album for "In The Heights." The trio of celebs reading Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth"...

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SNL #34.16 with Bradley Cooper, TV on the Radio

Listen up, Saturday Night Live. You know, I know, we all know that the media and mainstream America began paying more attention to you this season because of how you handled the presidential election. We get it. That doesn’t mean you need to try to play politics every week. It just doesn’t. Which brings me to the cold open…(Note: I shall update with video clips once they become available either on or Cold Open: Fred Armisen (Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid) and Kristen Wiig (House Speaker Nancy Pelosi) give a statement to the press about bipartisanship (or lack thereof) in the new Obama Administration concerning Congressional votes on the new stimulus package. If you haven’t been paying attention, barely any Republicans have supported this. Three things. 1) You don’t need to open with a political sketch if there’s nothing funny to say. 2) If you’re going to try, please have them do something other than standing and talking. Action, please! And 3) At least it was mercifully not horribly long.   Monologue: Host Bradley Cooper shows footage from when he was on Inside the Actor’s Studio…in the audience. As a student. Sitting up front. Sad but true, which makes it the sad kind of funny. Then he shows off what he learned in his “classical training” to be the bully, based upon his role in the film...

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