Day: February 4, 2009

92YTribeca spoofs New York Times Weekender ad

If you live near New York City, or even in New England, you see the TV ad for the New York Times Weekender subscription a lot. A lot, a lot. Perhaps this ad even runs nationally? Regardless, the new 92YTribeca facility, which has been booking lots of great comedy shows (thank you, Bart Coleman), just released this new advertisement written and directed by Michael Showalter and featuring Paul Rudd and many funny stand-up comedians. How many do you recognize? If you need a hint, just look at my category tags below. Related: The 92YTribeca's comedy schedule. Enjoy! To Do Thursday: See Wayne Federman host Todd Barry, Dave Hill, Jessi Klein and others in 92YTribeca's weekly Comedy Below Canal series (tickets and...

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Who’s that girl? Kate Micucci on “Scrubs”

Comedian/musician Kate Micucci sang her way onto Scrubs last night as a ukulele girl who stole the heart of Ted, the hospital's lawyer and resident a cappella group leader. The former finalist for the Andy Kaufman Award recently talked to her hometown paper in Pennsylvania about her career. You can also watch the episode "My Lawyer's in Love," here. Oh, and here is the original NSFW version of the duet Micucci's "Gooch" sang with Sam Lloyd's "Ted" (on the show, Gooch says "screw you," but singing it with actress Riki Lindhome, the song was originally titled "F**k you," hence the NSFW warning). But you want to see and hear more from Micucci, don't you? Alrighty then. Watch and listen as Kate Micucci performs "Dear Deer." Enjoy: In related news, comedian Aziz Ansari's intern character got "fired" during that same episode, "My Lawyer's in Love." But don't worry about Ansari. As he noted on his own blog, he's already busy working on episodes of the upcoming Parks & Recreation sitcom that debuts in April on...

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