Day: February 1, 2009

Front Page Films Doritos ad played in Super Bowl pre-game

For anyone wondering how Oren Brimer, Pete Holmes and Matt McCarthy did in that Doritos contest…their ad (which also features Glennis McMurray and Jay Bois) aired on the TV everywhere people watch the NBC television network at 4:17 p.m. Eastern during the Super Bowl pre-game show. It may air again or not. And if it gets voted the most popular of tonight's Super Bowl ad in the USA Today Ad Meter, then they will win $1 million. They already won $25,000. Congrats! Update from Holmes via Facebook status update: Pete – our commercial just aired on NBC but we haven't won officially – two spots will air during the game and THAT'S what we're hoping for!! But WOO-HOO! 4:30pm Post-game update from Holmes: Pete -we didn't officially "win", but our commercial aired during pre-game on NBC and will continue airing thru 2009! THANK YOU for your votes and support!! 10:35pm –...

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SNL #34.15 Steve Martin’s 15th show as host

This should have been so much better, shouldn't it? I'm sure more than a few people out there had high hopes for Steve Martin's 15th turn as host of Saturday Night Live, and yet, this morning, the only things I feel like talking about in this episode don't really have anything to do with him. Did SNL really agree to produce three real Pepsi ads? Looks that way. Did SNL really go after New York Gov. David Paterson's blindness? Yes, and also more on that front. Did Kristen Wiig have another "wacky" character? Sort of, yes. Where oh where is Darrell Hammond? You'll find out in a bit. Let's cleanse our comedy palates before digging into this week's recap. So what better way than with this classic Steve Martin SNL clip that just now became available on Hulu: King Tut! Now. Onto the recap… We open with a message from President Barack Obama (Fred Armisen). The premise: Things may be bad, but remember all of the fun we had on the campaign trail? There's a minor joke about the letter Bush left for him in the oval office. Armisen's Obama impersonation here is all over the place, and the jokes aren't much better, but…"Biden alert!" Jason Sudeikis enters the scene and gives it some needed punch. Steve Martin's monologue has jokes aplenty, even opening with a nod to an...

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