Day: January 27, 2009

Important Things about Important Things with Demetri Martin

Comedy Central has begun releasing more details today about the upcoming new stand-up/sketch/musical comedy hybrid, Important Things with Demetri Martin, along with a newish video preview that first appeared last week. I attended the final taping of the six-episode run in December, which included elements of all six episodes, so watch this video, then prepare to learn many important things about Important Things with Demetri Martin: Important Things with Demetri MartinWednesdays 10:30pm / 9:30c Series Preview More Funny VideosComedians on Tour Get Funny RingtonesStand-Up Comedy After the jump, 19 Important Things about Important Things with Demetri Martin… #1 It debuts at 10:30 p.m. on Feb. 11, 2009.#2 The show is Comedy Central's second series pickup from Jon Stewart's Busboy Productions. The first was The Colbert Report. And both Stephen Colbert and Martin broke out as correspondents on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.#3 The show taped at 106 and Park (aka BET HQ).#4 Celebrities making cameos in the six episodes include David Cross, Amanda Peet and John Oliver.#5 H. Jon Benjamin not only was a writer on the show, but also appears in many of the filmed sketches.#6 Other writers include young wonders John Mulaney and Dan Mintz, and also Conan scribe Michael Koman.#7 Martin joked that the set looked like it was built to "the specifications of a failed porn producer's basement."#8 The premiere episode will explore timing,...

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Who wants to get “Rejected” tonight?

Many new books are hitting store shelves and becoming available for online shipping today, but only one book dares to publish the essays, stories and scripts that no one else wanted. That book, naturally, is called "Rejected: Tales of the Failed, Dumped & Canceled," and it's edited by comedian Jon Friedman, who has hosted a monthly Rejection Show of written and broadcasted performances in New York City for some time now (read: I'm not sure how long, but long enough to turn it into a book). Friedman has even more reasons to celebrate this week, as he just started a new job as a writer/blogger for NBC's upcoming Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. So tonight's free book release party at The Bell House in Brooklyn's Gowanus neighborhood should be quite the hoot, with live performances from book contributors David Wain, David Rees, Mike Albo, Dave Hill, Todd Levin, Odd Todd, Sara Schaefer, Tom McCaffrey, Katina Corrao, plus live music from Rejection Show house band The Defibulators and Adira Amram. UPDATED! This just in from Friedman via email: "My dad is doing a duet with Adira Amram.  Also, free cupcakes." Videos and book info after the jump. I don't have my hands on the book just yet, but I can show you this short promotional video Friedman put together for it, plus link to an interview he did with Back...

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Kumail Nanjiani as Stephen Colbert’s secret prisoner

Last night's edition of The Colbert Report opened with stand-up comedian Kumail Nanjiani hiding under Stephen Colbert's desk as Colbert's secret Gitmo-style prisoner, Omar. Or is it Homer? That must have been weird, since he'd have to have been in there even before the audience arrived — unless they snuck him in during a distraction. Or maybe it was magic! If you missed it, or if you just want to see it again, here is the clip: The Colbert ReportMon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c Stephen's Secret Prison Colbert at ChristmasColbert Christmas DVD Green ScreenBill O'Reilly Interview For those of you who don't already know and love Kumail, he was born in Pakistan, came to the United States to go to college…in Iowa. He then got involved in the Chicago comedy scene, and now lives in Brooklyn. He is quite funny. Much of his life story showed up in his one-man show, Unpronounceable. After the jump, a clip of Kumail's stand-up. Say...

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Sound Fix is the new Rififi

Sadly, this has become true in more ways than one, as it's almost 100 percent likely that live comedy (and music) shows will come to an end in the back lounge of Sound Fix Records at the end of February. There is a sign taped to the door of the Williamsburg Brooklyn venue that asks patrons: "Please be quiet…Our neighbors are sleeping." Too little, too late. The neighbors have complained loudly and long enough — Brownstoner reported back in April 2008 (as did Gothamist) about the various citations that led to a temporary shutdown and suspension of the liquor license — that it appears the license to serve booze will go bye-bye a little over a month from now. From what I have been told, the owner simply didn't want to fight the neighbors on this any longer. If it seems like only a year ago that live comedy shows were beginning to find a new happy home behind the Sound Fix record store, that's because it was only a year ago, as Max Silvestri started hosting shows then and I was pitching the venue as a potential full-on replacement for the East Village's Rififi, which closed last summer, in part, because that club's owner gave up a similar battle with the neighbors. Gabe & Jenny joined up with Max for weekly Big Terrific shows that have lived up...

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