Day: January 22, 2009

Sundance 2009: Patton Oswalt is a “Big Fan”

Patton Oswalt sat down on the Sundance Channel couch with his cast and writer/director (former Onion guy and writer of The Wrestler) Robert Siegel for his new movie, Big Fan, filmed on Staten Island and starring Oswalt as an obsessed fan of the New York Giants. Fans of Oswalt know he doesn't follow sports, but he can relate to the obsession nonetheless. Related: Cinematical liked the movie, and also has an audio interview with Oswalt. /Film liked it, too. It is not a...

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In other blogs: Interviews with performers to see in NYC this week

The Apiary talks with Ann Carr, who is branching out from her already creative short-form character work to explore herself and her career in a new one-woman show, Use It. Her advice to other performers: "Just do the work and dedicate yourself to it. Energy begets like energy. Keep close to what engages and encourages you and stay far away from the people, places and thoughts that disenchant and discourage you. And don't ever be shy about asking for help. You may be better for it and you'll never be any worse." At the UCB tonight and Jan. 29, also Feb. 12, Feb. 26. Punchline Magazine talks with Lisa Levy, who invites comedians to lay down on her couch and act out a live therapy session in "Stand Up, Lie Down." At Ochi's Lounge (Comix downstairs), tonight with Ted Alexandro, Sara Schaefer and John Teti; next show Feb. 6. Levy tells Punchline she started the show with audience volunteers, but found much more to work with when she switched to stand-up comedians: "I also found a lot of fun stuff to work with. A lot of creative people have emotional angst. Their reaction is to do something creative. And there’s crying behind the laughter, and that sort of thing." Gothamist talks with new Best Week Ever host Paul F. Tompkins. Tompkins grew up in Philadelphia, but moved to New...

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Catching up with The Whitest Kids U Know

New York magazine gave WKUK frontman Trevor Moore the 21-question treatment yesterday. They asked if he likes the old or new Times Square better. His reply? "That's like asking if you'd prefer to hang out with a scary, stinky whore or a loud, annoying cartoon character." Catch The Whitest Kids U Know tonight through Saturday at Comix, and starting Jan. 27 WKUK back on TV on IFC. Here are a couple of sketches from the new season. In this clip, Gandalf gets some seriously NSFW second-guessing from the rest of the Lord of the Rings gang in an alternate ending to the saga. Trevor offers up his services to a zoo to whip the bad animals into shape. Literally. Trevor and Zach get some help from Craig Robinson and Hugh Hefner in the trailer for their upcoming road movie, Miss March. Watch it...

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The Best and Worst in comedy films of 2008: Oscar and Razzie nominations

In just the past 24 hours, we've seen the nominations revealed for the Academy Awards and what the academy deemed the best film work of 2008, and also the Golden Raspberry Awards, with fans determining the worst cinema dreck from last year. While you typically see unfunny comedies make the latter list, it's more unusual for a comedy performance to get an Oscar nod. So, hooray for that part. Comedy nominees for the 81st Annual Academy Awards:Robert Downey Jr., up for best supporting actor going blackface in Tropic ThunderMartin McDonagh, up for best original screenplay, for In BrugesMike Leigh, up for best original screenplay, for Happy-Go-Lucky On the flip side, these comedians are up for Razzies for their box-office flops:Disaster Movie and Meet the Spartans (six nominations overall)The Love Guru (seven nominations overall)For worst actor, Larry the Cable Guy in Witless Protection, Eddie Murphy in Meet Dave, Mike Myers in The Love Guru (Larry and Eddie also are up for worst screen couples in their films, while Mike is also up, or down, for worst...

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