Day: January 21, 2009

Conan O’Brien on Inside the Actors Studio

Conan O'Brien will tell you he is not an actor, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have plenty of stories to tell, and he shall share some of them on a special two-hour edition Monday of Bravo's Inside the Actors Studio. Conan has a month left in his Late Night slot in NYC, before heading to California to take over the Tonight Show. Here, Conan talks about writing for SNL, pitching famous comedians, how you can find something funny without laughing because you have simply seen and heard so much comedy before (oh, do I know that feeling), and how SNL was different from Not Necessarily The News! More clips after the jump! Here is a clip of Conan talking about his first day reporting to work for The Simpsons: Before The Simpsons, before everything, there was Harvard and the Harvard Lampoon. Take notes, kids! They...

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The Daily Show’s live inauguration coverage

When I saw The Daily Show with Jon Stewart was going live last night on Comedy Central, at first I lowered my expectations, because their live editions in the past on election nights have been, well, not so funny. And this was the inauguration of President Barack Obama. How would they make us laugh last night? Turns out they did more than just fine. They had help, of course. Dick Cheney in a wheelchair?! The show had Wyatt Cenac reporting live from the Youth Ball, telling us we finally had a cool president, and not merely just the first black president. The rest seemed just like a regular standard funny edition of the show that happened to air live. Jason Jones, after a segment showing Obama's address was more similar to Bush's address than you might think, wailing: "Why is cheese delicious on Italian food, but when you melt it on Chinese food, it's disgusting!?" Bishop Gene Robinson getting in a zinger about queens, and he didn't mean royalty. Watch the full episode here. Related: Yesterday, Variety also published a full section celebrating Jon Stewart's 10th anniversary with the...

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Sony pays $2 million to distribute Black Dynamite

Congratulations are in order for the folks at Ars Nova, the New York City theater and production company that made its first foray into feature films with the blaxploitation spoof, Black Dynamite, got it into Sundance and earlier this week sold the distribution rights to Sony Pictures for about $2 million, with a promise from Sony execs for a solid marketing push. The cast stars Michael Jai White and includes Arsenio Hall as Tasty Freeze, Nicole Sullivan as Patricia Nixon, Tommy Davidson as Cream Corn, and Phil Hughes as as Saheed, plus NYC stand-up Baron Vaughn. Earlier: Watch the Black Dynamite...

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NYC comedians in MAD magazine revealed

If you're still stumped trying to figure out if you know any and/or all of the New York City comedians depicted in cartoon form in MAD magazine, then Ken Pringle at Chucklemonkey has your answers, including what appears to be the photos used by artist Rick Tulka. How many did you get...

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Single DVD or 3-disc special for Chris Rock’s Kill The Messenger

The DVD, or rather, DVDs for Chris Rock's 2008 HBO special, Kill the Messenger, became available on Tuesday. You can experience the special as it aired, or get the full package, as it were, with a three-disc collection that includes all three performances separately from Johannesburg, London and New York City, plus extra goodies. In this clip, Rock explains what he was going for, something original and global, and how U2 provided inspiration in Rattle & Hum. Earlier: My review of Chris Rock's Kill the...

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