Day: January 16, 2009

Comedy Central Presents: Anthony Jeselnik

I don't think I have seen Anthony Jeselnik as much as I did during the 32 minutes he spent onstage last summer taping his Comedy Central Presents, which debuts tonight. In the preview clip below, they kept in two off-hand remarks Jeselnik made dealing with all of the adoration from the audience. When they applaud a little too enthusiastically for the mere mention of Christmas, he quips: "No Jews here, huh?" And then, when plenty of female voices start "WOO"ing when he says he used to be a teacher, he retorts: "Shut up! I don't need teachers hogging my spotlight!" Anthony Jeselnik – Christmas More Funny VideosComedians on Tour Get Funny RingtonesStand-Up Comedy The rest of his special includes some dark, brutal stuff, but that is his wont. Other things I noticed during the taping: When he had to take another try on a joke, he yelled at the crowd in jest: "Go f@$& yourselves!" There was a woman with a walkie-talkie from the crew that got a little loud 19 minutes into his set. Also, there's a bit of lighting magic for his joke about "you don't know pain." Get ready to see more of Anthony Jeselnik in the years to...

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Funny fests in Chicago, San Francisco and Sundance

The festival season for comedians already has begun in 2009, and if you're in Chicago, San Francisco, or Park City this weekend, then you can join in the fun. At least as a spectator. Chicago long has been known as a hub for aspiring sketch comedy performers, and this weekend puts the finishing touches on the 8th annual Chicago Sketchfest, with performances tonight, Saturday night and Sunday afternoon in three locations within Theatre Building Chicago featuring troupes from around the country. It's also the 8th go-around for SF Sketchfest in San Francisco, which really has grown to become much more than sketch comedy, into an event that is so big and lengthy and full of great bookings that you wish you lived in San Francisco to enjoy all two weeks and three weekends of it. Tim and Eric helped kick things off last night, as did Jimmy Pardo. Robert Smigel does TV Funhouse Live tonight, then talks with Dana Carvey on Saturday in airing previously unseen footage from both of their shows. So many other great acts that naming all of them would make you think there's no comedy going on anywhere else in America. Other highlights include: Celebrity Autobiography on Jan. 19; A Salute to Bud Cort with "Harold & Maude," one-man shows from Kevin Allison and Will Franken, a live CD recording with Aziz Ansari and Nick...

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Will Ferrell spells out D-bag in TV ad

Following up on Gawker and the Post's Page Six reports, here is the 15-second ad ABC and CBS banned that promotes Will Ferrell's new one-man farewell to Bush on Broadway. I recalled seeing this ad air on TV at least once, and though I cannot remember what channel (they did air a couple of versions during SNL, naturally, but that was NBC), I do know that I was surprised to hear Ferrell say the word "douche" in its unnatural context. Anyhow. Here you go. Judge for yourself if it's NSFW! Previews for "You're Welcome America. A Final Night with George W. Bush" begin, not coincidentally, on Jan. 20. Will Ferrell's BANNED commercial for YOU'RE WELCOME AMERICA. A FINAL NIGHT WITH GEORGE W BUSH on Broadway from JRANYC on...

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Angry Bob joins CNN’s Rick Sanchez hour

Angry Bob is on the television right now giving his opinions and punchlines about yesterday's amazing plane crash and the end of the Bush era, live on the Rick Sanchez hour on CNN, otherwise known as the 60 minutes in which your inane Twitters and Facebook Wall comments can wind up on a global news telecast, thanks to Sanchez's dirty love of new technology. Apparently, NYC-based comic Angry Bob (who received some onscreen stage time last year on NBC's Last Comic Standing) has gotten a weekly Friday segment on the show, so congrats to him. And before you can say CNN now stands for the Comedy News Network, it's true that this is a further development on that front, adding to D.L. Hughley's weekly weekend hour Breaking The News. If you missed it, I've got the earlier segments below, and you can set your TV recording devices for 3:45 p.m. Eastern (12:45 p.m. Pacific) next Friday. Related: This is Angry Bob's video from Jan. 2, 2009 talking about how he had the hots for Sarah Palin. Last week, Angry Bob returned for his opinions on Blago and the Middle...

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Jerry Seinfeld hosted Spy videos

Would you like to see how funny people made videos before they knew about the Internet, and also honor the recently deceased Ricardo Montalban? This 1989 short film from Spy magazine will do the trick, as Jerry Seinfeld hosts and Victoria Jackson narrates this test on "how to be famous," putting ordinary people in close proximity to Montalban, and doughnuts. In retrospect, it seems like such a quaint era, 1989, doesn't it? Enjoy: Spy Magazine's How to Be Famous – watch more funny...

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