Day: January 15, 2009

Preview: Ricky Gervais, Inside The Actors Studio

Ricky Gervais will appear on Monday's edition of Inside The Actors Studio, which you probably already gathered quite well if you are a Bravo viewer. You can preview some clips from the show, too, and here, we see Gervais talk about how much of a global cash cow The Office has become, and defends not stretching so much for his character in Extras by noting how great Woody Allen, Bob Hope and Laurel & Hardy were in essentially playing the same role over and over again. More clips after the jump! Gervais gives a brief description of his directorial debut in This Side of the Truth. And here Gervais talks about living in New York City. Ricky's podcast earned a world record. No, really. Geez, this guy rings up special credits, doesn't he? Such as being the guest on The Simpsons who got write an episode, too. He was nervous at the read-through! Precious. What's this? More clips? OK, we'll stop after this one, in which Gervais talks about slurrrrrrrring. Or something like...

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Dax Shepard’s “Slider” fake trailer

This fake trailer for the movie "Slider" stars Dax Shepard and has garnered more than 546,000 views on YouTube in two days. Directed by Oren Kaplan and featuring James Adomian, Ben Siemon, Jeff Sloniker and Monika Smith, made for the UCB-LA's monthly variety showcase, The Midnight Show. Sometimes my typing resembles an improv routine as I wonder aloud, and right now, I'm wondering if Oren Kaplan and Oren Brimer already have realized that they are comedy twins, with Oren the Brimer directing the underground comedy hits from New York City while Oren the Kaplan directs the cool comedy kids from Hollywood, California. If not, perhaps now they will. Time to stop thinking and start watching. (NOTE: A couple of NSFW words are uttered) Dax Shepard Is…Slider – watch more funny...

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Warning: CollegeHumor’s new MTV show looks funny

CollegeHumor's new show debuts on MTV next month (9:30 p.m., Feb 8), and this extended trailer leads you, me and anyone else to believe that this will be an actual honest-to-goodness good reason to watch MTV this year (since we may not have any Human Giant to look forward to (I'd insert a frowny emoticon if there weren't already so many parenthetical brackets here)). And Nick Kroll is in it! So, double hoorays all around. Enjoy: See more funny videos and funny pictures at...

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Live from “The Line” LIVE

Some of the Saturday Night Live gang used a brief break from putting together this week's show to present the first live screening of 2008 online series "The Line" in front of a packed audience at the UCB Theatre followed by a lively Q&A. If you need to catch up before reading onward, start with the first episode on YouTube. Seth Meyers directed, and Bill Hader and Simon Rich wrote this series about sci-fi fanatics waiting in line for days outside a cinema for the latest release of their favorite franchise. "We had always hoped that if everything went well, this would premiere at 9:30 on a Wednesday underneath a supermarket," Meyers quipped before the screening, adding that Rich had observed this would be the first time their viewers couldn't easily click over to watch porn instead. After the screening, several other members from the cast, including Jason Sudeikis, Bobby Moynihan, Thomas Middleditch, Will Hines and Jon Lutz also joined them onstage. Hader said the concept came from his own life experience: "I told Simon I waited in line for 22 hours to see The Phantom Menace." And yes, he realizes how that appears now. Also, during that experience: "I watched my friend's girlfriend break up with him on line." Real life took a funnier turn than the series, here, though, because in a big reveal, everyone on the...

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SNL Digital Short: Neil Patrick Harris performs Doogie Howser theme

Mark this down as another advancement in the name of online videos. NBC not only got around to posting last weekend's SNL Digital Short featuring host Neil Patrick Harris and the SNL cast "performing" the theme song from Doogie Howser, M.D., but the Hulu page for SNL (for non-Hulu-viewing nations, NBC's SNL page) also carries a note informing viewers that they're working on getting permission to share their parody of the Whopper Virgins ad campaign from Burger King. Your move, BK. Enjoy! Related: Full review and recap of SNL with Neil Patrick...

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