Day: January 10, 2009

Comedy Central Presents: Doug Benson (TWO!)

Doug Benson let everyone know that last night's Comedy Central Presents was his second half-hour special for the cable network by having the crew put the word TWO in giant letters behind him onstage. Benson attracted a packed crowd at the free taping specifically to see him, which you can tell from their rather genuine enthusiasm for him and their prior knowledge of his 2008 documentary mockery, Super High Me. In this interview filmed from that night, Benson tells Comedy Central how he has been a fan of George Carlin for years, including a reference to Carlin's famous NSFW seven dirty words that you cannot say on TV or radio, but you can say in an Internet video. Doug Benson – Interview – First Gig More Funny VideosComedians on Tour Get Funny RingtonesStand-Up Comedy And here is a clip from the opening of Benson's second CCP. The set itself seemed like a big tease to make you want to experience a full headlining set from Benson live, which, really, you should do. From Benson's 34-minute set, editors kept his audience participation bit with a guy that didn't quite work as well as it could or should have, though they did cut out Benson's remark that the bit had "very little payoff"! Doug Benson – Sexual Harassment More Funny VideosComedians on Tour Get Funny RingtonesStand-Up...

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Comedy Central Presents: Kurt Metzger

Kurt Metzger kicked off the 2009 edition of Comedy Central's half-hour stand-up comedy specials last night, otherwise known as Comedy Central Presents. And I have to say, Metzger comes across even stronger on TV than he did live during the taping over the summer. If you enjoy Dave Attell, you probably shall see some influence in the cadence and nature of joketelling here.  My notes from the taping showed that Metzger pulled down a 29-minute set of dark, edgy jokes for the network to edit down to 22 minutes. Pleasantly surprised that they kept his joke about Heath Ledger, which at the time, might have provoked calls of "too soon." Metzger, of course, took a slightly different tack, by attacking the Olsen twins and their not-so wonder twin powers. It was a good joke. Here is a clip from the opening of his set: Kurt Metzger – Ethiopian Food More Funny VideosComedians on Tour Get Funny RingtonesStand-Up...

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Comedy Central Presents in January 2009

Comedy Central Presents began rolling out the new season of half-hour stand-up specials overnight. Here is the schedule for January 2009. Kurt Metzger and Doug Benson kicked off the season Friday night. You can see them again early Saturday morning, and just after midnight on Tuesday morning. Other comedians getting debuts this month:Jan. 16: Anthony Jeselnik, Brian ScolaroJan. 23: Jasper Redd, Rob StapletonJan. 30: Tommy Johnagin, Jamie...

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