Day: January 5, 2009

I Eat Pandas writes a musical?!

It's no secret that anytime Glennis McMurray and Eliza Skinner get together onstage and ask for an audience suggestion, they give birth to wonderfully improvised I Eat Pandas musicals, usually with the accompaniment of pianist Frank Spitznagel. You can see this for yourself fairly regularly in New York City (next up: Jan. 7 and Jan. 21 at the UCB). Well, today, I Eat Pandas announced they're going to go and actually write their own musical. It's true. I think. Anyhow. Here is the first pitch from McMurray…it's a pooptacular pooptacular! So, slightly NSFW, then. Enjoy! Featuring cameos by Matt McCarthy and Becky Yamamoto. UPDATED: Eliza responds with a pitch of her own. My goodness, is it OK for me to tell the world how sexy it is when women can sing? Oh. I just...

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Almost official: Al Franken to win U.S. Senate seat

This just in: The Minnesota Supreme Court has rejected Republican incumbent U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman's bid to extend his lengthy recount fight with Democratic challenger, satirist Al Franken. Franken, who entered the recount down by 215 votes out of more than 2.9 million cast on Nov. 4, currently holds a 225-vote lead. The new U.S. Senate takes office on...

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50 First Jokes (2009)

By almost any indication, the 50 First Jokes show on Saturday night was a rousing success. A packed lounge at Webster Hall. An advance write-up in the New York Times. In just one of the four groups, we heard Jesse Popp reveal some of Mayor Bloomberg's new laws taking hold in 2009 ("no sweets before dinner" and neighborhood "swear jars," among them). Carolyn Castiglia announced her impending divorce to introduce a joke. Diana Saez followed that up by announcing she was newly pregnant with twins. And Seth Herzog joked about finding out he was the father of her kids at a comedy show (that last bit is just a bit). As Jackie Kashian said, "I live in Los Angeles, where this would never f—ing happen!" Laughs abounded. Organizing comedians Jiwon Lee and Claudia Cogan (pictured by Maryanne Ventrice, click here for her complete slideshow!) should be commended and applauded. That said, I'm not sure this is the kind of show that benefits from such mainstream exposure from the NYT. What? Did a crazy person just wrest control of my keyboard and type that? A jealous blogger? No, no, and no. Perhaps I am nostalgic for 2008's edition in Long Island City, when organizers kept adding comedians to the lineup, and the room had a festive, warm, supportive atmosphere. This year's show was tighter, to be sure, but also probably...

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Can Front Page Films “Crash the Super Bowl”?

Front Page Films, aka filmmaker Oren Brimer and comedians Matt McCarthy and Pete Holmes, have cracked the final five for Doritos open call contest for a Super Bowl commercial. Their ad, "New Flavor Pitch," also features Glennis McMurray and Jay Bois. The crew recently made the finals of a similar user-generated contest for Klondike but fell short to a serial jingle contest winner. This time, they may be helped by the fact that TV viewers already have gotten used to seeing McCarthy in several paid TV ads, most notably Verizon and McDonald's. But enough about that. Here is their video entry. Vote for them from now until Jan....

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