Day: January 1, 2009

Are you ready for a Twitter comedy show?

The Nathan & Joe Cellphone Comedy Show made its debut today…on Twitter. Yes. It has come to this already in 2009. A comedy show on Twitter. Will it work? That's for us to judge, isn't it? Their first post of the year: 1.1.2009-Hi. Welcome to the 1st ever mobile phone comedy show in the history of cellular technology. Plz touch yr phone 2 yr 4head. 37 minutes ago from web You can follow Nathan and Joe on Twitter to get your punchlines in doses of 140 characters or less. Or you can see the fellas live on Saturdays at The PIT in NYC, beginning Jan....

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In his own words: George Carlin’s life story

You may feel compelled today to sit down and watch some TV marathon, or maybe even resolve to improve your life. Here's a better idea. Remember the late, great George Carlin by sitting down and watching this three-hour interview the comedian gave to the Archive of American Television. In a calm, soothing voice that shows what initially made him perfect for radio, Carlin recounts his own life and career for us. I met interviewer Jenni Matz four years ago when she helped launch the American Comedy Archives at Emerson College, and am glad to see she got Carlin to share his life with us one last time. Enjoy this five-minute excerpt, in which Carlin gives sage advice for any young stand-up, and also offers up a way to remember him. "Too hip for the room." Below are links to the complete interview. Click here to watch Part 1.Click here to watch Parts 2 and 3.Click here to watch Part 4.Click here to watch Part 5.Click here to watch Part 6.Click here to watch Part...

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Dane Cook’s brother accused of embezzling more than $10 million

Dane Cook's older half-brother, Darryl McCauley, was arraigned yesterday in a Massachusetts district court, charged with stealing more than $10 million from Cook since July 2007. Cook had been paying McCauley $150,000 a year to handle his personal finances (his comedy fans may know him better as the older brother who managed a Burger King, sold merch at Cook's shows and ran his email and Website operations). When Cook replaced his brother with a California-based manager this fall, however, he couldn't get McCauley to turn over his files, and instead, McCauley forged and cashed a check on Dec. 5 for $3 million — coincidentally, the amount of bail held on him now. Cashing a $3 million check, recession or no recession, is the kind of thing that tips off investigators. It also clues you into how much money Cook has earned from his stand-up tours and movie roles. McCauley's attorney argued yesterday that all of the withdrawals were done with Cook's consent, despite an equally strong denial by Cook's lawyer outside the courtroom. Cook did not appear. McCauley's next scheduled court appearance is Jan. 15. (Globe,...

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