Month: December 2008

Flashback: The 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special

It seems like it was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, because it was 1978, and if you are of a certain age, the mere thought of a televised "Star Wars Holiday Special" exists as mere legend. Alas, such a TV program did air on the regular broadcast airwaves 30 years ago, and Vanity Fair's Frank DiGiacomo finally got down to the bottom of what happened to make this accidental comedy trainwreck happen, once and for all. If you can make it through even the first part of this mashup of comedy-variety show with sci-fi epic and want to keep watching, then God bless you. Suddenly it all makes sense, doesn't it? We'll base a two-hour song-and-dance show around Wookiees that don't talk, and then we'll get the folks who made a hit out of mimes to make sense out of it all…oh, nostalgia. OK, fine. Here is part two if you want to keep...

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Music video: Ben Lerman’s “Material Santa”

Ben Lerman hosts a "non-denominational gay holiday romp" tonight at Comix in New York City, and what should my eyes upon YouTube appear, but a new Lerman music video reincorporating Madonna's "Material Girl," without any reindeer. On the plus side, we see Jessica Delfino, Glennis McMurray and Christy Davis lending a hand to "Materia Santa." It's kinda cute, so...

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Funny or Die’s $3 million Christmas present

Just after we had to say goodbye to Super Deluxe, fellow online purveyor of comedy videos Funny or Die announced it had raised $3 million from, as Reuters reported late Monday, "a single, undisclosed investor" (plus an additional $3 million for "in-kind contributions for marketing, publicity and promotional support for programing," according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission). Is this money part of HBO's 10 percent stake in the company, as Reuters suggests, or is this a situation reminiscent of political campaigns, in which the candidate taps into his or her own personal pocketbook to fund the operation (does Will Ferrell have $3 million to keep his side project going? or perhaps their partner Judd Apatow could spare a dime?). Either way, Happy Holidays, Funny or Die! And if you're in a giving mood, "single, undisclosed investor," The Comic's Comic gladly would accept even one percent of that investment as a charitable contribution that you can write off on your 2008 taxes. Just a...

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A Christmas Aimee Mann Video Carol Thing

Aimee Mann not only befriends comedians, but she also tours with them, and stars in comedy videos with them. Behold, all ye triumphant souls, and God bless us, everyone, for this four-parter take on A Christmas Carol. "A Christmas Carol spoof? Really? Yes. That's what we're doing." (thanks for finding this, Videogum!). Featuring Aimee Mann, Michael Penn, John Krasinski, Michael Cera, Tim Heidecker, John C. Reilly, Grant Lee Phillips, and Paul F. Tompkins. Directed by Tim Heidecker. Ah, technology! Furthermore: Continue watching part two here. Continue watching part three here. Continue watching part four...

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Alan Colmes returns to stand-up roots?!

Comedy club holiday parties are always a little more surreal than your typical company party, and last night's celebration at the Comic Strip Live certainly was no exception. Weird enough that this moment likely might not even make the top five oddities of the evening: Alan Colmes, sans Sean Hannity, showed up and stood in the lobby conveniently (coincidentally, I firmly believe, maybe) with his 1980s headshot hanging on the wall behind him. I could not stay long enough to ask Colmes if, upon leaving FOX News and Hannity & Colmes, he plans on returning to the stand-up stage. I'm guessing he just enjoys a good ol' comedy club party as much as the rest of us. But who were the rest of us last night,...

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