Day: December 30, 2008

Time Warner Cable threatens to go dark on Viacom

Just received a statement from Viacom that asserts that negotiations for a new licensing deal with Time Warner cable have broken down, with just more than 24 hours until 2009 and the possibility that cable subscribers in New York City, Los Angeles, Orange County (Calif.), Raleigh, N.C., and elsewhere around the country will not have Comedy Central — or any of the other Viacom cable channels such as VH1, MTV, Nickelodeon and more than a dozen others. DEVELOPING… UPDATED: This sort of wrangling between cable operators and networks happens from time to time, with contract differences resolved either at the last minute, or after a day of both sides calling each other's bluffs. Time Warner, for its part, is playing hardball, with a spokesman telling the Los Angeles Times tonight that Viacom's demands are out of line not only because of the nation's economic recession, but also because the TV conglomerate gives away much of its content online for free. And I quote: "They are not charging people more for that," Time Warner's Dudley said. "We will just tell our customers how to hook up their PCs to their television sets so they can watch it online for free." Woah. UPDATED IN 2009: Comedy Central works on my TV, so it appears we have a resolution. As expected. Here is the statement from Viacom: This move by Time Warner...

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New Lonely Island music video, “We Like Sportz”

Wonder what an SNL Digital Short would look like if you had all of the essential elements except for Andy Samberg? Then you shall enjoy this new music video from The Lonely Island for "We Like Sportz," which features Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone (and relegates Samberg to a silent cameo). This is another song from their forthcoming Universal Republic record, "INCREDIBAD." Includes one or two words that are NSFW, but who is working this week, anyhow? Enjoy....

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Slow news alert: Newspaper intern attempts stand-up

You know it's a slow news week when a newspaper lets an intern write about his first attempt at stand-up comedy. If you're in or around Wilmington, N.C., this may be of further interest for you. Nevertheless, it's always interesting to read how outsiders perceive comedy — after all, without that, what would Shecky Magazine write about? Zing! Sorry, Male and Female Halves. I didn't mean to zing you like that (or did I? (btw, my favorite new-old catchphrase)), but it is a slow news week. And I'm ready for 2009,...

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Owen Benjamin to star in “Heckle-U” for CBS web series

Timed to the March Madness of the NCAA basketball tournament, CBS plans a new 10-episode scripted Web series called "Heckle-U" starring stand-up comedian Owen Benjamin and Tom Arnold. Benjamin plays a slacker kid who, with the help of his bartender uncle (Arnold), becomes a star heckler at college hoops games. So if you see a 30-second clip promoting this on your TV in the coming month or two, but cannot seem to find it on your TV, this is why. It debuts online in February....

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