Day: December 16, 2008

On DVD/CD: Louis C.K., “Chewed Up”

Louis C.K.'s 2008 special is out today on CD and DVD, just in time to recalibrate both your holiday shopping wish lists as well as your Top 10 lists. I interviewed Louis C.K. back in September about "Chewed Up" as well as about where his career has taken him, and on the bonus 37-minute DVD interview track, the stellar stand-up again covers some of this ground. But because he's alone in his house answering questions, he only has the camera to play to, which in effect, means that it appears as though you're the one he's talking to. He does make one or two edits to this interview, but it remains both brutally honest and funny, from exploring how he got into comedy in Boston in the 1980s, driving out to a West Virginia trailer park for an early gig, and how the importance of stamina in boxing relates to stand-up comedy. "This is all way too serious and self-indulgent," he says at one point. But it's not. It's really quite interesting and valuable insight to pass along to anyone, whether that viewer is a casual fan or an aspiring performer. On the CD, you get a bonus seven minutes to go along with the hour special, two tracks "4 AM" (which just as easily could be called "childbirth") and "Sweatpants & Vodka" (delving into suburbia via Rent-a-Center and...

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In other news, blogs…

Yesterday, people wore shorts. Today, it's snowing. Am I in Las Vegas? Good guess, but no, this all has happened right here in Brooklyn (aka The Comic's Comic HQ). Yet another sign that up is down, down is up, and there must be news going on in comedyland. Let's catch up. Anyone who still thinks the National Lampoon has anything to do with the landmark magazine or company of the same name that produced Animal House and Vacation a generation ago probably got snookered by the stock market scheme that landed the current Lampoon execs in court (NYT). Rob Corddry took over yesterday because he could, and he shows you his favorite clips, and his favorite stand-ups. NBC has promos up for Howie Mandel's new TV prank show, Howie Do It. Premieres Friday, Jan. 9, 2009. Hello, Larry. Punchline Magazine is helping Marc Maron get a new one-man show off the ground, launching Scorching the Earth, on Jan. 3, 2009, at The Green Room at the Bleecker Street Theater in NYC. The Apiary catches up with my friend DJ Hazard to see what's going on in his noggin. It's almost always stimulating stuff. Which reminds me, up in Boston, they're throwing the Greater Boston Alternative Comedy Festival tonight, which is weird, because last time I checked, that's mostly everyone in Boston comedy these days. Read a new interview...

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Film will re-animate classic Cheech & Chong

Word from the trades this morning that Big Vision and Chambers Bros. have acquired the rights to the Cheech and Chong music catalog and will recycle some classic routines into a new film, Cheech and Chong's Smokin' Animated Movie. The Hollywood Reporter acquired these quotes from the duo, currently reunited and on a nationwide live tour: "It's great to be doing a movie where Cheech and I never have to get out of bed or be on camera," Tommy Chong said. "It's about time that we got animated because we've been doing animation without the animation for years," Cheech Marin said. "Whether you watch it smokin' a fattie or stone-cold sober, it's just plain...

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Will Ferrell on Broadway, the video tease

Will Ferrell and his Funny or Die writing partner, Adam McKay, went online just a couple of hours ago to begin promoting Ferrell's limited run engagement on Broadway that celebrates the end of the Bush Administration, aka You're Welcome America. A Final Night with George W. Bush. If you have an American Express card, you already can buy tickets for the show, which runs Jan. 20 to March 15, 2009, at The Cort Theatre. Otherwise, tickets go on sale Dec. 21 via, by phone at (212) 239-6200 (for NYC residents) or (800) 432-7250 (anywhere in the U.S.), or in person at The Cort Theatre Box Office. George Bush Goes to Broadway by Will...

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