Day: December 7, 2008

SNL #34.10 with John Malkovich, T.I.

You ever go on vacation and think, when I get back to work, I'm going to be relaxed, refreshed, ready and rarin' to go with even more gusto then before, but then you get back to work and find a week's worth of emails and junk mail and meetings to plow through, and by Monday afternoon, you think, well, maybe I'll just try to endure? Do you suppose the folks at Saturday Night Live felt that way this post-Thanksgiving week? The most prevailing news of the week was, if you read the media, about media layoffs and unemployment generally and the financial markets still in crisis, and the Big Three automaking CEOs trying again in asking for billions in bailout money. That's not the recap for this week's SNL, mind you. In fact, I got the sense watching the show that this was the week for pitching all of the oddball ideas that couldn't make the cut earlier in the year — and having John Malkovich host only gave the performers and writers a wider berth for pitching. That said… Amy Poehler's back! "You thought I was gone, didn't you!" Poehler swiveled around her chair for the cold open, as potential Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and reminded us that "just like the South, vampires, and Britney Spears, we will rise again." Her jokes were about the Clintons. But...

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Video: The Best Improv Suggestor

If you love yourself some improvisational comedy, or even if you do not harbor such affections, then you shall enjoy this mockumentary about Karl Danvers, the best audience member ever to give out suggestions for improv troupes. Starring Eddie Pepitone, with appearances by Matt Walsh, Matt Besser, Ian Roberts, Billy Merritt, Chad Carter, Rob Huebel, Owen Burke, and Paul Scheer. With a silent shout-out, perhaps, to Redd Foxx. See more funny videos at Funny or...

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