Day: December 2, 2008

Joe Rogan to host “Game Show in My Head” on CBS

CBS and ABC announced their mid-season TV plans for 2009, and the one thing that'll jump out specifically for comedy fans is that Joe Rogan is getting to host another hybrid reality/game show, this time combinig the elements of Fear Factor that made him a nice chunk of change while making fools out of its contestants, with the classic hidden-camera prank stylings made infamous by Candid Camera. It's called Game Show in My Head, and it premieres Jan. 3 on CBS. You hear hidden-camera in this century, and you think Ashton Kutcher, which is natural because Kutcher is, in fact, behind this enterprise. Airing on Saturday nights, it's not exactly going to need big ratings to stick around. And Rogan will return to more-than-familiar territory, which should also give him plenty more to talk about in his stand-up gigs. The official description, courtesy of CBS in a press release today: GAME SHOW IN MY HEAD, a hidden camera game show from Ashton Kutcher, premieres Saturday, Jan. 3 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT). Ordinary people must perform extraordinary tasks on an unsuspecting public to win up to $50,000. Under the watchful eye of host Joe Rogan, each contestant performs five outrageous, embarrassing and hilarious tasks worth $5,000 each.  In a no-holds-barred bonus round, each contestant has the chance to double their money up to $50,000.  GAME SHOW IN MY HEAD is from...

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Video: Kimmy’s Singing Advent Calendar

I turned on the radio Monday morning and began hearing Christmas songs, thought, well, at least it's December. Which means it's also time for Kimmy Gatewood to start singing us through her advent calendar. Kimmy, one of The Apple Sisters, just moved from New York City to Los Angeles, but that's not going to prevent her from getting into the holiday spirit. Only 24 days to go! Sing along if you know the words… See more funny videos at Funny or...

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