Day: November 25, 2008

Introducing Michaela Watkins

Want to see and hear a little more from one of the new Saturday Night Live cast members, Michaela Watkins? Sure you do! Here is Watkins, backstage with Fred Armisen after last weekend's show. If you cannot see Hulu (you foreigners, you), then try NBC's SNL...

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Andy Kindler: The Comic’s Comic interview

When I met Andy Kindler in Montreal this summer after his "State of the Industry" address, Kindler paused when he heard I'd named my site The Comic's Comic. Because, after all, when you think of the proverbial "comic's comic," don't you think of Kindler? Earlier: Watch our Montreal meeting on video. We talked again earlier this month, and Kindler pointed out that that video shows up among the top Google hits for Kindler. Huzzah! So I tried posing the question to him that I had posited earlier. "Posited…what is this, some egghead Website?!" Kindler replied. "Is this for physicists? What are you trying to pull here? You're messing with the comedy demographic." A full minute or two of riffing ensued before we got back to our inquiry: How would Kindler define a comic's comic (or, if you're that kind of person, a comedian's comedian). "I would think that anyone who's called a comic's comic is someone who is doing stuff, that is not, they say it's inside baseball. I have this joke about the book 'Ball Four,' but a lot of people didn't like it because it was too inside baseball." Zing! Kindler and I laugh. This happens a lot. "The other comics would, maybe because of their familiarity with comedy might laugh more at something than the typical audience member. But I've out comic comic'd The Comic's Comic....

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