Day: November 19, 2008

Is it Pete Holmes day yet?

Plenty of good new material we can laugh with and learn about Pete Holmes today. There's a new interview up on Buzzine, and here is an excerpt that illustrates just how unique his performances can be since he tends to acknowledge the uniqueness of each performance: That’s actually something TJ (Miller) and I have specifically talked about because I’ll call him feeling guilty and I’ll say, “I did all this stuff, but I didn’t record it or write it down, but I let it all out.” He’ll remind me of something I think is quite true, which is that some jokes are just for that crowd. Some jokes are just for that night. And there’s something kind of beautiful, almost like Tibetan Monk sand sculptures, like, do it once, throw it away, let that be a gift for people that came out for a live performance. And I’m not talking about making fun of somebody’s shirt. I’m talking about the whole experience can really be its own type of event, and ideally it is. At the end, I’ve stopped beating myself up by thinking, “Oh, I should remember that thing that I said when I called that guy blah blah blah,” or said this about a sound I heard. That’s not really the point, necessarily. Every show should be made unique, and the degree to which it’s made unique...

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New sitcom reviews, Fall TV 2008: Gary Unmarried

We're knee deep in November sweeps for the TV industry, so a good time to resume The Comic's Comic's ongoing series of new sitcom reviews from the fall 2008 season. Next up: Gary Unmarried. Sitcom: Gary Unmarried (CBS) 8:30 p.m. ET/PT WednesdaysPremise: Show originally titled Project Gary centers on Gary Brooks (Jay Mohr), newly divorced painting contractor, and his ex-wife, Allison (Paula Marshall) as they deal with moving on after 15 years of marriage and two kids they share: an awkward 14-year-old son and a politically old beyond her years 11-year-old daughter. Allison already has gotten engaged to the couple's marriage counselor (Ed Begley Jr.)? And Gary jumps into bed with one of his customers (Jaime King). Early impression: Meh. Is this supposed to be an oafish alpha male version of The New Adventures of Old Christine (the show which precedes Gary on CBS Wednesdays)? With younger kids. Can you judge a show by its pilot: Not if you want to keep watching because you'll probably be in disbelief. How is Allison's engagement to the couple's marriage counselor OK even to laugh about? Also, don't get too attached with the family daughter, because she got recast after the pilot. Comedy pedigree: Mohr proved there is life after Last Comic Standing, didn't he, moving to guest-star roles in primetime to a recurring role on CBS in Ghost Whisperer (somewhere, Jamie...

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See Daily Show correspondents live this week in NYC, Vegas

You knew that the correspondents from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart have lives and comedy careers outside of TV, right? Whether you knew it or not, you can see what some of these guys and gals are like when they’re crafting their own jokes. Here are a few examples just today and this weekend… John Oliver joins behind-the-scenes laugher staffers Rory Albanese, Adam Lowitt and others tonight at Comix in NYC. Aasif Mandvi, meanwhile, showcases and talks up a movie he wrote and stars in, 7 to the Palace, tonight at the 92YTribeca in NYC. And on Saturday, Albanese and Rob Riggle will join Oliver for a showcase at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas as part of The Comedy...

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Robin Williams joins UCB house improv team for a night

Famous actors and comedians drop in at the Upright Citizens Brigade theaters in New York City and Los Angeles all of the time. Particularly for ASSSSCAT. What makes the Robin Williams appearance last night at the UCBT in NYC so surprising is that he merely wanted to play along with an improv troupe. Any improv troupe. The lucky team? Bangs. So how’d it go? Read brief interviews with improvisers from last night’s Harold Night in NYMag’s Vulture blog or The Apiary, or Tumblr along with Bangs member Craig...

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Video of Dan Fogler as Sam Kinison

Wait. What? That HBO movie about the late Sam Kinison that yesterday, we were told, was in the early stages of development? Well, they already had some footage of Tony winner Dan Fogler as Kinison to ponder, with these four minutes shot and in the can of Fogler as Kinison, circa 1984 at Dangerfield’s comedy club in NYC. What do you think? How would you compare this performance with the work of Jim Carrey as the late Andy Kaufman in Man on the Moon? Note: Language in this clip is NSFW. (via...

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