Day: November 18, 2008

Nominations open for 2008 ECNY Awards

The Apiary announces that The ECNY Awards, originally devised to reward and honor "emerging comics" in the New York scene and relaunched last year with rousing success and a rollicking show that brought the community together, is back for another go, with nominations open for the 2008 awards. Winners will be revealed live during the special ECNY Awards showcase on March 9, 2009, at Comix. The categories include: Best Female Standup Comedian; Best Host; Best Improv Group; Best Male Standup Comedian; Best Musical Comedy Act (Solo or Group); Best One Person Show; Best Sketch Comedy Group; Best Technician; Best Variety Show; Emerging Comic Award; Outstanding Achievement in Flyer or Postcard Design; Best Website; and Best Performance in a Commercial or Episode of Law & Order. Don’t you just love that last new addition to the categories? Only in New York. I’m proud to support these guys and gals. So go and submit your ECNY nominations now! Or at least by Dec. 19. So, what qualifies you or your favorite funny person for an ECNY? From the Website, that FAQ is A’d: "To be eligible you have to live most of the year in the New York City area and perform the majority of your shows or do most of your work in the region. Once you make your living in a particular category you are no longer eligible. That...

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Monty Python’s channel on YouTube

After years of seeing their classic TV sketches and film clips distributed without their permission on the YouTube, the men of Monty Python decided to strike back, launching their own YouTube channel (thanks, CC Insider!). Let’s let them explain: So they want you to buy their DVDs, and I wholeheartedly agree! Here are some of their best, which is really most of it. Widgets After the jump, "the ministry of silly walks,""the lumberjack song," "the black knight" and "the French taunter" from Holy Grail, and the finale number "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" from Life of...

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HBO planning Sam Kinison biopic

Dan Fogler is set to portray the late Sam Kinison in an HBO movie about the comedian’s life, from preacher to screaming wild stand-up to his death in a 1992 car accident at the age of 38. The project is in the early stages of development, but it’s based on a memoir written by Kinison’s brother, Bill, who also will serve as executive producer....

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The Joe Powers Healing Blowout

It’s really comforting to see the comedy community come together in support of one of their own, as those in New York City have done for Joe Powers, an up-and-coming stand-up who fell off of a balcony in August and fell into a coma, while also suffering a broken leg, pelvis, ribs and a brain injury. Powers continues his slow recovery in the hospital and is now speaking. But he has a long road ahead of him. Comedians are putting on a show to help his healing (as well as his hospital bills), The Joe Powers Healing Blowout, on Thursday (Nov. 20) at Gotham Comedy Club. The lineup as of this past weekend included Christian Finnegan, Arj Barker, Ted Alexandro, Kyle Grooms, Becky Donohue, Mara Herron, Meg Cupernall and a special guest TBA. Colin Quinn may also perform. The show is $20, with proceeds helping Powers and his family. If you cannot attend this event, but still would like to help out, you can make a donation to his dedicated PayPal account. Earlier...

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A quick note to readers about year two of The Comic’s Comic

Hello, readers! Thank you so much for visiting. Yesterday was another road trip day for The Comic’s Comic, but on Sunday night, while visiting with the major investors, I realized that a full year had passed since I permanently flipped the on switch on this site about comedy with an exclusive backstage interview with Frank Caliendo at The Comedy Festival in Las Vegas. We have added a lot of content since then. And I can promise you that in this second year, you’ll get more, more, more. More interviews with your favorite comedians. More reviews of shows. More news scoops! More exclusives. More info about popular TV sitcoms and movies. More achived goodies. More insight and analysis on comedy. It’ll make you think I have cloned myself. I have not. So. What are we waiting for? I’ll provide the fun posts. You read and share them. Let’s get back to...

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