Day: November 8, 2008

D.L. Hughley talks to Tim Reid about racial comedy

On tonight’s edition of D.L. Hughley Breaks the News on CNN (10 p.m. Eastern Saturday-Sunday), Hughley interviews comedian/actor Tim Reid ("Venus Flytrap" on WKRP in Cincinnati) about life as a black comic, and half of an interracial comedy team, in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Reid argues that a black/white comedy duo might not work today, and also that black comedians are going to need to stop cursing and drop "the F-word." Watch Hughley’s amazed reaction. Hughley also mentions his first experience working with the Improv chain, when the club forced him to work "a door deal" because they didn’t know who he was. Embedded video from <a href="">CNN Video</a> Related: Tim & Tom release a memoir of their comedic adventures together. Earlier: My take on the debut and second-week episodes of D.L. Hughley Breaks the...

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More SNL videos online; two repeats tonight

Tonight in primetime, NBC will rebroadcast this week’s SNL Presidential Bash (now with less dramatic tension!), followed by your late local news and then the SNL hosted by James Franco. Meanwhile, fans looking to relive some offbeat sketches from the past two weeks are in luck, because NBC and Hulu have added offerings including Giraffes! and Night School Musical from last Saturday, as well as the Vincent Price Halloween Special and Will Forte’s Robo-Call bit from the week beforehand, so you can check out Hamm’s uncanny voice-impersonation of James Mason, as well as notice that Affleck doesn’t quite sing along all the way through the musical number. Just click on my recaps of #34.7 with Ben Affleck and #34.6 with Jon Hamm and enjoy, enjoy,...

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Bill Maher’s homecoming

As politically incorrect as he ever was, Bill Maher has gotten a lot of extra airtime, thanks to the 2008 elections, his new mocumentary, Religulous, and his HBO show, Real Time with Bill Maher. Amid all of this, you can see a different side of Maher on the new episode of the Sundance Channel’s Iconoclasts, in which Maher talks with record label guru Clive Davis. Here’s a clip of Maher showing Davis around his "second home" for many years, the Hollywood Improv. Maher goes back to his actual hometown, Montclair, NJ, tonight for his first show there at the newly refurbished 2,500-seat Wellmont...

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The inaugural Cleveland Comedy Festival

A nation’s comedy eyes may mostly be focused on New York City this weekend, but don’t let that stop the fine folks from Cleveland from mounting their first-ever Cleveland Comedy Festival this weekend, with shows last night and today at the Hermit Club. Wait. You’re wondering why this fest isn’t at the Improv or at Hilarities? Michael McIntyre, who writes a weekly comedy column for the city’s Plain Dealer, explains. Among the notable comedians with ties to Cleveland, McIntyre notes: Bob Hope, Drew Carey, Arsenio Hall, Pat McCormick, Fred Willard, Martin Mull, Patricia Heaton, Carol Kane, Teri Garr, Jack Riley, Molly Shannon, Tim Conway, Steve Harvey, John Henton, Don Novello, Andy Borowitz and Steve O’Donnell. Also off the top of my head: Tammy Pescatelli, Basile, Ray DeVito, Jim Tews, Rob O’Reilly, and The Apiary‘s founding editor, Nate Sloan. So here’s wishing Cleveland well as they celebrate their place in the heritage of...

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Dave Chappelle hosts Inside the Actors Studio

When I heard that Dave Chappelle was taping another episode of Bravo’s Inside the Actors Studio earlier this year, I wondered why, because Chappelle seemingly had covered everything you’d want to know and ask of him already on the program. Turns out Chappelle isn’t the guest, but rather the special guest host for the 200th episode, which airs Monday. Chappelle will be hilarious; James Lipton will be creepy — SPOILER ALERT! And there shall be...

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