Day: November 6, 2008

Katt Williams: ALIVE at Carnegie Hall

DEVELOPING…Katt Williams has resurfaced after missing Conan last night, sneaking in the back door of Carnegie Hall at 8:36 pm Thursday night. Opener Wil Sylvince still killing time, but Williams about to take the stage. It’s 9:08 as Katt appears.Full report to come. “I just got out of jail 35 minutes ago,” Katt tells the crowd to a...

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Who is New York’s Funniest Stand-Up?

If you were to ask me at the start of the 2008 New York’s Funniest Stand-Up contest, who I thought would win, well, someone did, and before I could say "John Mulaney" (whoops, he’s not even in the contest? wait, what? oh, right, Mulaney is headlining at the Punchline in San Francisco this week, so he already had plans), I thought, Julian McCullough was the only Carolines club comic returning from among the 2007 contest finalists, so, yeah, him. McCullough did win the $2,500 prize last night at Carolines, along with a week of gigs at the club and an additional spot opening for one of the New York Comedy Festival headliners. "I’m going to move to Hoboken with this money," McCullough joked while holding the large cardboard fake-check, in between sincere sentiments about his fellow competitors. "I want to thank Carolines. They’ve changed my life over the past two years." McCullough told me afterward that he already had a festival gig opening for Susie Essman at Carolines this weekend. Which makes me realize that picking the winner of this contest is simple! Last year, winner Wil Sylvince had a festival gig before the contest; this year, ’twas McCullough. So if you want to win in 2009, get yourself booked in the fest first! As even McCullough pointed out when he opened his finals set, stand-up comedy contests don’t...

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