Day: November 1, 2008

CNN’s D.L. Hughley Breaks the News, take two

Did D.L. Hughley make the necessary improvements to his comedic take on the headlines in his second week anchoring a CNN show? Judging by the clips of the Nov. 1-2 edition of D.L. Hughley Breaks the News that we can see online…well…for the monologue, Hughley is seated at a desk and tells your basic headline news jokes (better than last week), Hughley does have a meaningful discussion with the Rev. Al Sharpton (good), his video conference with Democratic campaign vet Donna Brazile sounds like a regular CNN segment, only with jokes (OK), talks to party planners about Election Night plans (fakery with comedian Hugh Fink as a McCain party planner, and Donnell Rawlings returns as the Obama party guy — it comes off as Daily Show lite), and there is another CNN Truth Squad interruption (video removed, possibly due to lameness). Let’s hope the rest of this episode is both reasonable and reasonably humorous. Here is the Hughley-Sharpton exchange, in which Sharpton implores of the comedian: "You’ve got to perform now that you’re here." Other clips after the jump! Embedded video from <a href="">CNN Video</a> UPDATED: So here’s what else you may have missed. The monologue clip shown below cuts some jokes that didn’t quite work. On the plus side: Hughley’s interviews, when he plays it fairly straight but still acts as a comedian interviewing real people — Princeton...

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Jesse Case wins 2008 Rocky Mountain Laugh Off

Earlier this week, Nashville-based stand-up comedian Jesse Case proved he could make the Mormons laugh by winning the 2008 Rocky Mountain Laugh Off in Utah. Among comedy contests, the Laugh Off probably doesn’t rank near the top, but consider this: Last year’s winner, Marcus, took the momentum from that win into the following month’s Seattle comedy contest, won that, and then took that momentum into his audition for Last Comic Standing, which eventually earned him second place and a nationwide tour. For his part, Case writes on his MySpace blog that he felt many of his fellow competitors deserve just as much attention as he does. Even in winning, Case notes that having stand-up comedy judged, scored and ranked is an "impossible" notion, and even more so in the Laugh Off, where the judges were randomly plucked from the audience?! Case writes: "This is where the judging breaks down though. All of these guys should have done better. They should have placed better than they did. The fact that Andrew Sleighter, Dan Smith, and Tony Moschetto didn’t tie for first every night tells you that there are flaws in the system. Those guys are GREAT comics, and destined for great things. Andrew just moved to Boston and will eventually, like most Boston comics, transition into New York, where he’ll thrive. You can’t just give 4 random people score-cards and...

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Programming notes…

A couple of quick things to note on this first day of November: 1) If you missed last week’s episode of Saturday Night Live with Jon Hamm as the host (and Coldplay doing four songs), NBC is replaying it tonight, in primetime, starting at 9:30 p.m. Eastern/Pacific. That means you’ll get to see Jon Hamm’s John Ham again, as well as Will Forte’s creepy Halloween trick-or-treater, only this time in primetime! Yay. A new SNL follows the late local news at its regular time, with Ben Affleck and David Cook.2) If you missed yesterday’s second-season finale of the Webby-winning series, You Suck at Photoshop, you may want to watch it on My Damn Channel, if only for the subtle celebrity comedian cameos. Try saying that three times fast, why don’t...

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