Day: October 25, 2008

Debut clips: CNN, D.L. Hughley Breaks the News

The debut episode of CNN’s D.L. Hughley Breaks the News already broke news when it taped on Thursday night, getting former Bush White House press secretary Scott McClellan to break party ranks and endorse Barack Obama for president. Here is the opening monologue from the first show, which doesn’t quite show off Hughley’s best talents, which I feel come from his thoughtful discussions with others, whether it’s a panel talk, a one-on-one chat, or interacting with the public (which you see in the clip of Hughley visiting a Sarah Palin rally in North Carolina and attempting to get the GOP loyalists to support a Palin-Hughley ticket in 2012 — some of their answers about race, and they’re talking to Hughley, mind you, are so so telling!). Hughley’s opening monologue: Embedded video from <a href="">CNN Video</a> The Palin rally visit and the interview portion with McClellan are after the jump… D.L. Hughley visits a scary Sarah Palin rally. No, really. This footage will not do anything to help the image that the "conservative base" = scared of black people and also willing to believe anything they’re told. Embedded video from <a href="">CNN Video</a> D.L. Hughley talks with former White House flak for W., Scott McClellan: Embedded video from <a href="">CNN...

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Stella Winter Tour ’08

We knew when we saw Stella hosting the New York magazine party this month, something funny was afoot and sure enough, Michael Ian Black told his fans late yesterday that he, Michael Showalter and David Wain would reunite Stella for a short tour this winter. As Black wrote: "If you’ve never seen Stella before, then you are in a for real treat. There’s a lot of banter, potty talk, and making fun of David. Plus, we’ll probably bicker!!!" Also, new videos. Stella Winter Tour ’08 DatesNov. 30: PHILADELPHIA – Keswick Theater Dec. 2: WASHINGTON DC – Sixth & I Historic Synagogue Dec. 5: CHICAGO – The Vic (not yet on sale) Dec. 7: CLEVELAND – House of Blues Dec. 9: NEW YORK – Nokia Theater Dec. 10: NEW YORK – Nokia Theater Dec. 11: BOSTON – Wilbur Theater Dec. 12: SAN FRANCISCO – UC...

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