Day: October 23, 2008

Comedians weigh in on the 2008 election

Many comedians are using their offstage time to sound off on the 2008 presidential election, now less than two weeks away. The Huffington Post, in particular, appears to be a platform for several comedians… Larry David doesn’t know if he can handle watching the election returns come in on Nov. 4: "I believe I have big jinx potential and may have actually cost the Dems the last two elections. I know I’ve jinxed sporting events. When my teams are losing and I want them to make a comeback, all I have to do is leave the room. Works every time. So if I do watch, I’ll do it alone. I can’t subject other people to me in my current condition. I just don’t like what I’ve turned into — and frankly I wasn’t that crazy about me even before the turn." Michael Showalter wonders why "Sarah Palin’s favorite word is "Ahmadinejad"." Paula Poundstone asks: Is Anybody Listening to Bush? Will Durst has something to say about all of this Joe the Plumber business that came out of the final debate. Lee Camp is mocking the McCain-Palin ticket on a daily basis on 23/6, as well. Max Silvestri and Andy Blitz each have access to new McCain Robocalls. And on his own blog, Michael Ian Black realizes he must not be a real American, by Sarah Palin’s...

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Ron Howard reunites Opie with Andy, Richie with The Fonz, all for Obama

For many years, fans of classic sitcoms Happy Days and The Andy Griffith Show have wondered what happened to Ron Howard, who became famous as a child and teen actor on those TV shows, then moved into filmmaking. Would he ever revisit those characters, those shows? Well, for Barack Obama, not only would he, but he also gets Henry Winkler to put on the Fonz’s leather jacket and Andy Griffith to play Pa once more. Here is the video: See more Ron Howard videos at Funny or...

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Sneak peek: 30 Rock season 3 premiere, “Do-Over”

Can you wait another week for the third season of NBC’s 30 Rock to start? What’s that? You don’t have to wait, because the Oct. 30 episode is online today, Oct. 23, for you to enjoy online. If you want to watch "Do-Over," written by Tina Fey and featuring Megan Mullally, Will Arnett and, well, a couple of subtle jokes that I’d love to talk about already, you can watch it on the NBC site. One non-spoiler: In the end credits, Donald Glover II is listed as an executive story editor. Fancy title, Donald! Nice. (Thanks, Videogum!) I also have embedded the Hulu version of the episode, after the...

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The Comedy Festival adds 30 comics to LOL Lounge in Vegas

TBS has announced a list of 30 comedy acts who will perform inside the network’s special LOL Lounge comedy club inside Caesar’s Palace during The Comedy Festival (Nov. 20-22). Did I mention that these nightly shows will be free? Did I also mention that you don’t even necessarily need to be in Las Vegas to see them? I believe I just did. Details, please. LOL Lounge shows begin each night at 6:30 p.m. Pacific (9:30 p.m. Eastern), and online will feature four different video streams: 1) The LOL Lounge, 2) Backstage footage with the comedians, 3) The Web Show with Ian Bagg and Janet Varney, webcasting from the casino floor and offering interactive online chat, and 4) Greatest Hits from past Vegas fests. The LOL Lounge acts? Jeff Garcia hosts Thursday, Pete Correale hosts Friday and Tammy Pescatelli hosts Saturday. Also on the lineups: Ian Bagg, Matt Braunger, Whitney Cummings, Jim David, Dana Eagle, Bret Ernst, Kirk Fox, Don Friesen, Ron G., Eddie Gossling, Brian Haner, Robert Hawkins, Gayla Johnson, Jesse Joyce, Kristen Key, Simon King, Veronica Mosey, Tim O’Rourke, Karen Rontowski, Carl Rimi, Ken Rogerson, Malik S., Dwight Slade, Paul Varghese, Laz Viciedo, Johnny Walker, and...

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