Day: October 19, 2008

SNL #34.5, Backstage with Sarah Palin

Here’s an extra couple of minutes of footage shot backstage last night before and during Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s visit to Saturday Night Live. I’m pretty sure that was a llama. Anyhoosiers. We also see Will Arnett was in the house, ostensibly to be with his soon-to-be baby mama Amy Poehler. For folks who cannot view this or other SNL clips on Hulu, watch them on the NBC site...

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SNL #34.5 with Josh Brolin, Tina Fey, Sarah Palin, Mark Wahlberg, Alec Baldwin, and Adele

Sometimes a TV show becomes too tapped into the popular culture zeitgeist and gets caught up in it, and loses the sense of wonder that got everyone talking about it in the first place. Remember that sitcom about the woman who shared a NYC apartment with a gay guy, and first everyone was all, ooh, look a show with gay people in it, and then they went, ah, this show is kinda funnies, and then they went, oh, are they going to have a superstar celebrity cameo in every episode? Yeah, Saturday Night Live kinda became a clusterfark just like that this weekend. If you paid any attention whatsoever to the news, and even if you never left your apartment, you knew that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin would appear on the program, and you also saw and heard Mark Wahlberg vow on TV to show up at NBC to face Andy Samberg’s impersonation head-on. So. You’re that show. You have all of this anticipation building up for the live episode, and what do you do with all of this anticipation? You put them all in the cold open?! As Seth and Amy would say, Really?!? You don’t want any element of surprise whatsoever. Really?!? Oh, I see. You throw in Alec Baldwin getting confused by calling Palin "Tina" and insulting her to her face, only to turn around and...

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