Day: October 8, 2008

The 2008 Canadian Comedy Awards

Over the weekend in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada’s The Comedy Network handed out the Canadian Comedy Awards, and the Beaver winners (yep, they call them thar comedy awards the Beavers!) were… Pretty Funny Comic of the Year, large venue: Russell Peters Pretty Funny Stand-Up, Male: Gerry Dee Pretty Funny Stand-Up, Female: Nikki Payne Pretty Funny Stand-Up, Newcomer: Peter Anthony This is our neighbor to the north’s ninth time rewarding comedians with awards. Remember when the United States did this with the American Comedy Awards? In fact, some stand-up comedians still use these old honors in their main credits. It has been several years since the comedy business in the Lower 48 (a Palin reference here? really? c’mon now) attempted to honor its own so publicly. Should we do it again? Is there a quantifiable worth to saying one comedian stood out in 2008 as the best club comic, this performer as the best theater comic, that one (hey now! even timelier reference!) as the best comedian on TV or film? If so, then what is Comedy Central waiting for? Or should someone else take up the charge? And if I were to hand out awards at the end of the year, would I, could I, should I call them The ComComs?! The ComComComs? Discuss, please. The rest of the 2008 Canadian Comedy Award winners listed after the jump. Pretty Funny...

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NBC bails out SNL bailout sketch

MSNBC explains why its sister network NBC briefly took down one of last weekend’s SNL sketches parodying the government bailout. Here is the revised sketch. Gone is the offending caption toward the real-life richy rich couple. Still in: Amy Poehler’s Baby Mama reprise and wild-eyed glances at Fred Armisen! So hooray for...

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Ann Curry does stand-up comedy

Today on NBC’s The Today Show, co-anchor Ann Curry showed what happened when she tried performing stand-up comedy before a live crowd (packed with friends and co-workers) at Carolines in July. My review. If you pay close attention, you can even see me in the back of the room taking notes. Previously: Ann Curry learns tricks of the comedy...

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