Day: October 6, 2008

The history of politics on SNL

Saturday Night Live creator/executive producer/guru Lorne Michaels and a panel including longtime politically-minded SNL writer James Downey, current head writer Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler recently discussed the funny and sometimes very influential nature of presidential politics parodied on the show, from the beginnings of Chevy Chase tripping up Gerald Ford through Dana Carvey’s George H.W. Bush to the various Bill Clintons and George W. Bush’s, Al Gore, John Kerry (played by Meyers), Poehler’s Hillary Clinton, and of course, Tina Fey’s devastatingly spot-on Sarah Palin. The panel got short shrift in terms of media coverage, but the Museum of the Moving Image has put the entire hourlong SNL conversation online. Some highlights:"You get used to having very surreal moments on that show." — Amy Poehler’s response to standing next to Hillary Clinton on live TV, while wearing the same outfits. "They become characters instead of impressions." — Lorne Michaels, on how certain political spoofs such as Poehler’s Hillary, or Dana Carvey’s take on Papa Bush, in turn influence the candidates themselves. More after the jump… At the 11-minute mark, Michaels talks about the impact SNL has on how the public views a candidate: "The thing you think about first is whether it’s going to work, and whether it’s going to be funny and if the take is original and fresh enough. I think you can’t think about the fate...

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Preview: Chocolate News with David Alan Grier

If you had thought that Comedy Central’s new Chocolate News would be a black version of The Daily Show, then this trailer should disabuse you of that notion. It looks more like a hybrid of Daily Show and Chappelle’s Show, with David Alan Grier at the helm and playing multiple characters. As he even says at the end of this trailer: "It’s only racist if you are." The show debuts Oct. 15. Roll the...

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