Day: October 2, 2008

Frank Caliendo talks up season 2 of Frank TV

If you watch any of the Major League Baseball playoffs on TBS, you’ll end up seeing quite a bit of Frank Caliendo as the network promotes the second season of Frank TV, which returns Oct. 21. Caliendo also pops up quite a bit in TV ads for Dish TV service, which makes for, frankly, a lot of Frank, as well as a lot of images and voices of his impersonations. But you won’t see him do Sarah Palin, so to speak. For one thing, they taped the 10 new episodes before Palin became newsworthy. For another, well, let Caliendo explain it: "We won’t have a Palin impression," he wrote to me last night. "But I think SNL has the market on that anyway. It already seems kind of mainstream…so I don’t miss it on the show. That’s what everyone is doing right now anyway…ripping her…so it seems like that it’s fresh that we aren’t. Everything is perspective. I just look at stuff positively." Which means he’s not too worried about the criticism he has gotten so far from the ads or from the first season. There’s a lot of snark online (just search his name in blogland). I have always enjoyed seeing Caliendo’s live stand-up. It seems as though much of the criticism about his TV effort is centered around his looks and how he may not look like...

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Jerry Seinfeld’s new movie?

Perhaps you happened upon the Gotham Comedy Club site or walked past the club itself and saw that the sign on Wednesday night advertised a Seinfeld Workshop. What does that mean, exactly? Online, the supposed "Jerry Seinfeld Comedy Workshop" featured comedian Jon Fisch, which might have prompted the question, is Fisch going to tell you how to tell jokes like Seinfeld? No. Twas nothing of the sort last night. Instead, Fisch provided opening act and warm-up duties for the crowd, as Seinfeld himself appeared for two shows in a nice grey suit with a film crew in tow. Hmmm. Is this a sequel to Comedian? Again, no. Seinfeld’s 74-minute act last night didn’t start from scratch, as he hit the high notes of the act he has toured with over the past year or two. Defining the line between great and suck. TV news. Weather and time. Marriage. Weddings. The slow parade to garbage. Conversational tones. Prescription medications. Cialis. OnStar. He wasn’t workshopping at all, but showcasing his greatest bits of observational humor from the past few years, and making sure to get it all captured on film. I wasn’t the only one taking notes. His manager, George Shapiro, also sat in the back of the crowd and paid close attention. Gotham’s regular backdrop got covered with a red curtain. The sold-out audiences ate it up with multiple applause...

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