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SNL #34.3 with Anna Faris, Duffy

I wonder if the new m.o. at Saturday Night Live is reaching out to any and all past cast members whenever they fit the roles they’re looking for. Tina Fey returned again for another dead-on takedown of Sarah Palin, and also Chris Parnell returned to the fold for a sketch. Last year they invited Chevy Chase back to the Weekend Update desk. So who’s next? Mull it over as I begin my official recap…right after this apology to my Canadian friends for their inability to watch clips on Hulu. You can watch them on the NBC site, right? Alrighty then. Let’s recap! The cold open: Katie Couric’s interview with the Republican vice presidential nominee provided so much fodder for mockery that it almost seemed too easy, and yet so easy that if you’re running a timely comedy show, you have absolutely no choice but to joke, joke and joke some more. Tina Fey as Palin is almost too good, too, because it might make some dumb viewers convinced that they should vote for Palin just because of Fey — which, of course, completely misses the point of how completely overwhelmed the Alaska governor is trying to understand and grapple with the issues facing the Lower 48, as it were. Amy Poehler played the amazed Couric. They got in solid jokes about Palin mistaking more than 20 taxi drivers for...

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Chris Rock makes case for Obama on CNN’s Larry King Live

You know, a lot of comedians making the promotional rounds to hype up their specials will focus on the specials. Chris Rock, who has a new HBO special debuting tonight, Kill the Messenger, isn’t afraid to follow President Bill Clinton on Letterman and take him to task, nor continue talking politics on CNN with Larry King. Read part of the transcript here to see how Rock makes the case for voting Obama look like a no-brainer. Or you can watch the whole thing here: Embedded video from <a href="">CNN...

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Programming note: Hear me on Comical Radio today

Hey comedy fans, I have to step away from the computer today (and not just because it’s my birthday, although that’s a very good reason to not spend all Friday tip-tap-typing away), but if you want to know what’s going on in the comedy business, you can hear me talk about it today on Comical Radio. Marc Maron, Todd Glass and Tony Woods are also among this afternoon’s guests from 1 to 3:30 p.m. Eastern, and I should be on in the 2 p.m. hour. Tune in, why don’t...

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Comedy Underground opens new Seattle club

The Comedy Underground, my original home club, has a new home in Seattle’s Pioneer Square and opens the doors tonight at 109 S. Washington St. (about two blocks from the spot it occupied from 1981 until this summer, when building renovations forced the move). And yes, it’ll still be located beneath Swannie’s sports bar. Congrats and good luck! Sorry I cannot be there to help open the doors. Even Jerry Seinfeld has fond memories of the old joint, telling the P-I last year: "Seattle is my favorite city. It’s the first place anyone ever liked me. When I played the Comedy Underground in 1983 I sold out a house for the very first time. That was really the beginning of everything for me. I feel like I owe my whole career to...

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Why you need a little Whiplash

The UCB Theatre in New York City has a tradition of offering great stand-up comedy showcases for free late-night Mondays. For a while, Aziz Ansari hosted the showcase under the name Crash Test. Then Ansari got all Human Giant, and the showcases took a break. Leo Allen has taken over hosting duties in the 11 p.m. Monday timeslot, now known as Whiplash. This week, audiences got treated to Allen, Sean Patton, Eugene Mirman, Janeane Garofalo, John Mulaney and Hannibal Buress. For free! (Well, there is the "Bucket of Truth" to accept your comedy donations afterward, but still…) So imagine my surprise this week to see the house only half full?! You’re missing out, people! Janeane Garofalo, pictured here resting her bad back. "Mama’s got a bum stem!" she told the crowd. Photo by Mindy Tucker. More photos at With...

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